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Arcturus Running Rampant?

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mushroom25 | 15:11 Fri 28th Apr 2023 | News
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SAGE have pronounced, the public should get their masks out again -

would you be complying?


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Is it April the first again already ?
Dily Record doesnt look that mainstream.
so far we wait and see

they SAY there has been immune escape - the usual cross reacting antibodies dont cross react with this one - but we still wait and see. ( presumes antibodies are the main barrier to further infection and I dont think they really know)

and..... masks dont work. Yeah yeah I know I am in a minority on this one
Compliance suggests an order.

No such order has been given, but even it it were, an emphatic No from me.

The lockdowns were unnecessary, and the only things the masks prevented were holier-than-thou people not having a go at people who did wear a mask (i did wear a mask, but only to avoid the outraged pious from having a go).

I can remember as though it were yesterday questioning the point of lockdowns, calling out the folly of paying people to stay at home, and saying this will come back and bite us on the ***. It has bitten on the ***. It didn’t need to given there was no point in locking down.

The Covid worshippers (and there were many on this site) called me a Covidiot, a granny killer and various other things, but the people who had the same opinion as me have been proven correct.

So no, I will not wear a mask again, and I doubt the vast majority of people won’t (it astonishes me that I still see people wearing masks in their own cars - they’re clearly still scared stiff from the disgraceful scaremongering from the Govt during Covid).

This relatively minor virus is endemic.
***and I doubt the vast majority will***

I had no idea a5se was such an offensive word it would be censored by nanny.
mask wearing is a pragmatic and effective way to reduce the spread of the virus but it only works if most people do it

i will certainly start wearing one again… if i get mocked by the deskdiaries of the world then it will do me no harm
“ the people who had the same opinion as me have been proven correct. ”

would you care to provide some proof?
Care to provide proof I’m wrong?
i am not the one making assertions about lockdowns
I haven’t mocked people for still wearing a mask.

I find it weird, and it’s unnecessary, but I haven’t mocked anybody.
you called them holier than thou and outraged pious…
That's not what the results showed. Villages with mask wearing compliance did not show significantly improved results over villages that didn't wear masks.

It was always just a way of calming the easily perturbed and letting them scorn the more pragmatic. Oh, and teaching the hoi polloi to obey their government masters without resistance or question. The problem being that the most sensible were the ones then disciminated against, and the ones continually challenged.
//mask wearing is a pragmatic and effective way to reduce the spread of the virus but it only works if most people do it//

Absolutely. If it is of FFP2 or FFP3 standard, worn and treated in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. In fact, such a face mask will provide about 99% protection to the wearer so he will have no need to worry what anybody else does.

What is of absolutely no use whatsoever is a piece of damp cloth, worn under the wearer's nose, dragged in and out of his pocket as required and used for weeks on end. Something like this:

The face covering mandate - without restricting the type to be worn to something suitable - was one of the most ridiculous and pointless of (the many) Covid regulations. It served little or no purpose whatsoever other than to instil an atmosphere of fear and foreboding among the population.

People worried about the spread of the latest variant to be recognised can take their own measures as I outlined above. They should not expect others to indulge in nonsense to satisfy their virtue.
The way this works, untitled, is that I’ve made a statement, a statement you appear not to agree with, and therefore it’s now incumbent on you to provide evidence to prove my statement is incorrect.

You then go away and provide an article or research that supports your view to prove me wrong, and then I’ll provide an equally compelling article or research to rebut what you’ve provided.

We’ll never agree.
Untitled - where did I call people who were wearing masks pious?
Nope. Exempt last time, still exempt. OH wouldn't either. He tried, but he has skin cancer on his head and arms and the extra strain behind his ears (already burdened with spectacle arms and hearing aids) broke the skin - resulting in more little tumours.

Anyway, they are useless unless they are 'proper' ones, worn properly, as NJ said. Surely people won't be scared into ridiculous compliance again?! Yes, I'm on record as opposing masks and the whole farcical, hugely damaging idiocy last time. I'll stick with that position. Reading the list of symptoms, it looks like a flu-ey type thing. We live withe real flu, I had it in December.
it actually isn’t true that masks need to be FFP2/3 to reduce the spread of airborne particles but obviously those masks do it to a greater extent… even simple cloth masks do significantly reduce it however
No compliance from me this time. I now have no faith in our so called Government scientists. I believe we were conned the last time into a panic whereby the gullible rushed out to buy useless and inefficient so-called PP. It may have assisted certain figures in the government to feather their own nest and make a small fortune but I wont be listening this time while they attempt to spread alarm, despondency and misinformation. How many times can they cry wolf.
I will take a booster ,if offered, but I'm damned if I will wear a paper mask.
//...even simple cloth masks do significantly reduce it however//

And your evidence for that assertion is...?

However, that is not really the point. People who are concerned about the spread of a virus can protect others and themselves by wearing one of the mask types I mentioned. This will satisfy both their own wish for self-preservation and their altruism towards others. On the other hand, those who wish to lead their lives normally can still do so. What they do will not effect those who have chosen to protect themselves.

Wearing a face mask is not normal behaviour. Humans rely heavily on facial expressions and some need the added benefit of being able to lip-reading (this applies to the mildly hard of hearing, not just those who are profoundly deaf). As well as that it is dehumanising. The Covid viruses are now endemic in the UK (and every other country in the world) and they will remain so for the foreseeable future (along with all the other infectious respiratory diseases). The population now has a very good "herd immunity" to them and preventing spread frustrates the ongoing reinforcement of that immunity.
Covid is so last year. The latest "must have" panic for the nudge teams is Dog Flu. Yep Dog Flu has taken hold in China( where else) and reportedly crossing species into humans. Will we all be compelled to wear muzzles and carry poop scoops. Will everyone have to clear up their own or get a nominated handler to clean up after them? Do we go to the vet or the Doctor. Probably get better treatment at the vets considering the state of the enaichess. I refuse to wear a lead as well. How do you feel dear?? Ruff ... Ruff I tell you.
No, I didn't agree with it last time only wore one to stop any abuse that might be slung at me, didn't change my hygiene habits didn't watch any propaganda by the Government. It was a total farce.

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