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Arcturus Running Rampant?

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mushroom25 | 15:11 Fri 28th Apr 2023 | News
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SAGE have pronounced, the public should get their masks out again -

would you be complying?


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If it was thirty thousand cases, or better still, million, I would consider it.
had my covid jabs and never again, wore the mask ..never again as nj says, wear one if you feel paralysed with fear, personally im fedup with it, and all the government lies (based on evidence) ermm remember boris and the economic deal he made with india's modi, erm didnt shut down flights from india did he, news showed masses of funeral pyres no oxygen tanks, i htink quenti crisp once said in britain you not expected to live referring to lack of fire escapes on uk buildings.
The scenarios provided by the two doom goblins all proved to be wildly inaccurate.

They were scenarios. Another scenario was that we could have carried on as normal, and the old and vulnerable took the necessary precautions to protect themselves. Instead they forced us all to follow their ridiculous requirements and caused tremendous problems for the vast majority who would have been OK. We are reaping what the Govt sowed.

I was against the rules from day one, and I was most certainly against the absurdity of paying people to sit on their backsides funded by the taxpayer.

The undeniable fact of the matter, and it is a fact, is that Covid was a killer of the old and the vulnerable.

Yes that was sad, but it should not have resulted in everybody being affect by the daft rules, most of which did not stand up to the merest of scrutiny.
Meta study from BMJ suggests masks correlated with significant decrease in transmission:

National Academy of Sciences, USA… metastudy concludes strong evidence that masks reduce transmission

CDC review on cloth masks... last updated in May... finds that they do block both large and fine respiratory particles... cloth masks generally less effective than surgical or multi-layer but still block some particles:

this study goes further, comparing different types of mask... cloth less effective but they are far from useless and mixed fabric/multi-layer are even better and widely available…
wearing a face mask is an easy thing to do that requires you to put nothing in your body and makes no serious imposition on the vast majority of healthy adults… the evidence is very strong indeed that it reduces the spread of respiratory particles and therefore airborne viruses… such viruses are furthermore much easier to contain if action is taken early on.

if you aren’t in a situation where your physical or mental health won’t actually allow you to wear one then i would perhaps suggest you need to be less of a baby
DD, "Untitled - where did I call people who were wearing masks pious?"

You posted ,"(i did wear a mask, but only to avoid the outraged pious from having a go)."

If the, "outraged pious" were not those wearing masks, who did you mean?
“The undeniable fact of the matter, and it is a fact, is that Covid was a killer of the old and the vulnerable. “

but think about who is included in the word “vulnerable”… there are lots of conditions with which it is possible to live quite normally and are also very high risk factors for covid… asthma hypertension immunosuppression and obesity all significantly increase the risks from covid but it is otherwise very easy to live a normal life with them

the picture you’re trying to paint of covid as a threat to “just” the very old and the very frail is misleading
And the picture you’re trying to paint is that is was OK to put everybody in purdah for a virus that didn’t kill the vast vast majority of healthy people.
I haven’t actually said anything about lockdowns deskdiary because the thread isn’t about them and nobody as far as i am aware is suggesting that the uk should reintroduce them
Untitled 20.46 I object strongly to your suggestion that I need to be 'less of a baby' for not wearing a mask. I have asthma and an associated allergic condition which renders mask-wearing almost impossible. When I had my cataracts removed during lockdown, the nurse had to lift the cloth 'protector' away from my airways before they could complete the operation. As for OH - would you happily welcome extra tumours on your head - plus the pain of them being behind your ears?

You are being completely ridiculous and showing-up the panicked mindset that was engendered. I suggest that you stop this.
hi jourdain i did say “ if you aren’t in a situation where your physical or mental health won’t actually allow you to wear one…”

that would fairly obviously include people in your situation i think

concerning people who do not have a mental or physical health problem that makes wearing a mask impossible i stand by my words completely
By the way, OH is now 90 ( with heart conditions and aforesaid skin cancer) I am in my 70s with asthma and weak chest. We can look after ourselves, thank you very much. We don't need the rest of the country to go into purdah. We've had a lot of practice at staying alive.
We didn't and certainly don't want the rest of the country to suffer again and the country to go downhill in order to protect us. Get that straight in your head.
that’s very interesting but nobody is talking about introducing lockdowns… mask wearing however is a very easy thing for the vast majority of healthy adults and significantly reduces the risk of transmission. barring health reasons i think the advice discussed in the OP is very sound.
I'd written that before I read your answer to my last.
The principle still stands however. Let us look after ourselves, the rest of you, just get on with living, with just the usual minimal risk.
I accept that you mean well, but you've got the wrong end of the stick. I did get fed-up of people glaring at me for not wearing a mask.
it is not just you and your other half that are affected though is it jourdain… there are quite a lot of people who would become quite vulnerable if for example vaccine-resistant variant of covid were to emerge and it isn’t up to you whether or not those people should be protected… especially not if the measures extend to something very simple like use of masks
I'v e calmed down, Untitled, and take your point. BUT every older person I know, seems to agree with me. It is far more important for society to be able to function normally. 'Normal' does not include masking your features. The trade off is far too minimal to be considered.
have a look at some of my links… the trade off is anything but minimal even with basic cloth masks…

widespread mask wearing is a relatively painless way to inhibit the spread of a new variant and stop a more costly response like another wave of vaccines later on… but i imagine most people won’t bother so we’ll have to deal with it the hard way if it becomes an issue
So (and with apologies to Andy Hughes for saying ‘so’), what you’re saying is masks shouldn’t have been worn by people who, for whatever reason, couldn’t wear them, but everybody else should have.

Can you see the flaw in your logic?

If you can’t, I can.

Either everybody wears a mask or nobody wears a mask.

If wearing a mask was so so important, then everybody should have, otherwise what was the point?

I could wear a mask to protect me and others (apparently) but the person next to me didn’t need to because they were exempt but were spewing Covid all over me.

It doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny.
“ he way this works, untitled, is that I’ve made a statement, a statement you appear not to agree with, and therefore it’s now incumbent on you to provide evidence to prove my statement is incorrect. ”

just noticed this rather silly post lol

no the way that it works is that if you say something and someone else asks you what it’s based on then you should be able to explain why you think it.
the number of people who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons is fortunately very small… if enough people wear one then yes the evidence strongly suggests that they reduce transmission significantly

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