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Extinction Rebellion To Police The London Marathon?

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mushroom25 | 19:51 Wed 19th Apr 2023 | News
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One wonders exactly what deal Chris Brasher has struck with XR - are they being paid? threatening 'chaos' unless paid off sits pretty adjacent to 'terrorism' in the dictionary right? or am I missing something?


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Reminds me of the Rolling Stones concert at Altamont
Question Author
I thought the same SJ. that didn't end well, did it?
Some while back XR renounced violent tactics.
It’s in the interests of climate change activists not to see the cause seriously damaged by these idiots
This has got to be an April Fool.
oh good, the internal factions will if not already be at each others throats...implosion ahead
Extinction rebellion haven't done anything for a while anyway. Just Stop Oil are the current activists, and this announcement seems like a red rag to a bull for them.
I would have thought tiha was good news to be honest

BTW it's Hugh Brasher, not Chris.
Chris B died in 2003
This puts XR in direct conflict with JSO. What a crazy decision. The police police, not militant protest organisations!
Is bottled water still discarded william-nilliam on this sweatfeast?

Goes to the basics of their issue and shows a lack of commitment to saving the planet leaving a gaping door for loonies to charge through.

Does the king have a pleb running in this race? History tells us to beware of suicidal tendencies.
//The police police//

If only.

Plod need to either step up or get out the way and let the public deal with it. No tea and biscuits required.
What could possibly go wrong ?
Nothing. The minority of intolerant trouble makers get a kicking then pack in disrupting the majority.
I don’t know what people imagine XR are going to be doing but it has to be a good thing if there are members of the public willing to help the police here.
It might all turn into a Judaea PF v PF of Judaea bloodbath of course but I doubt it.

The water bottles are all swiftly picked up and recycled by the way …
There are 3 events, 21st - March to stop Bristol Airport extension starting at Trafalgar sq finishing outside Dept Transport

22nd - Biodiversity March, anticlockwise Great Smith Street Marsham Street, Horseferry Rd, Millbank Parliament sq.

21 - 24th Picket protests Home Office 2MS, DoEnvironment, Dept for levelling up (??) Dept for Transport GMH.
'if there are members of the public willing to help the police here'

Have the police condoned being helped? I bet not.
sounds like a recipe for anarchy to me - since when have the criminals become born-again?
I imagine they're all in favour of travelling on foot.
No Latin yet, it's a miracle.

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Extinction Rebellion To Police The London Marathon?

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