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How Much More Will People Tolerate From This Dinosaur ?

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bazwillrun | 13:37 Mon 19th Dec 2022 | News
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Looks like her leftie 'ooman rights laywers, do gooders et al have recruited the BBC to fight the good fight so she can return to the country she loves so much....


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Let her reap what she has sown in her desert home !
yikes !
what about hope - forgiveness and redemption
during Christmas-tide
Why is she even allowed to try and get back in? All she wants is the good life she knows she will have here as opposed to the *** hole she lives in now!
Jeremy Clarkson should quickly write an opinion piece about her, for balance.
// It’s the BBC’s most-awarded podcast series to date, having received 16 nominations, winning 11 awards in 10 different international programme competitions, including the Rose d'Or for Best Audio Series, three Golds and the Grand Jury Prize at the New York Festivals Radio Awards and Best Documentary Series at the Webbys and the inaugural Podcast Academy Awards (the Ambies) in 2021. //

Thanks for the heads up, I will give it a listen in February.

Have a listen to to The Rest is Politics and The News Agents too.

Guarantee you'll love them.

Welcome back bazwillrun. I thought you'd left the site for good!


Wouldn't it be better to bring her back to the UK to answer to a court of law?

Some of the women who went (or were trafficked) to Syria will have cases to answer, but that is a determination for the Crown Prosecution Service to make and for British courts to adjudicate.
Question Author
Dinosaur? = BBC aka Blatantly Biased Clowns (thats the polite version)

Wouldn't it be better to bring her back to the UK to answer to a court of law? = NO...she made it quite clear in various interviews why she went and her views on this country...
Okay bazwillrun.
Good to see the Christmas Spirit alive and well amongst the lovely Ab contributors.
I personally have plenty of Christmas spirit for those that deserve it.
//Wouldn't it be better to bring her back to the UK to answer to a court of law?//

Yes if the resulting guilty verdict meant a proper sentence. But it wouldnt the bleeding heart brigade would have her out in a jiffy aided and abetted by Cherie Blairs lot and the 'woke' Judiciary we have these days.

So she must stay where she is for the saftey of the British citizen.
the stripping of her citizenship was morally dubious and legally questionable... it was done entirely for political reasons by theresa may's ailing tory government...

unfortunately i think she ought to be our responsibility and we have attempted to foist her onto other countries
whether or not you hate the UK is irrelevant to whether or not you have the right to hold UK citizenship... so is whether or not you are a criminal or a bad person... harold shipman and ian brady were among the worst people who ever lived and both were still citizens of the uk.

might be worth thinking about the consequences if we decide to change that...
If it’s from the BBC you have to believe it …. don’t you? Well, only if you want to.
//whether or not you hate the UK is irrelevant//

Are you deliberately ignoring the obvious error in that statement or just so far left you have lost all reality.

She wished to destroy us.
still irrelevant... even people who commit treason are not typically stripped of citizenship and palmed
off to some other country to deal with... they are punished accordingly
the reason that her citizenship was removed was because sajid javid and theresa may wanted to look tough at a time when the government was tanking... it was all politics
Untitled, we haven’t palmed her off anywhere. She went of her own volition - and she would have been more than happy to see all our heads separated from our shoulders. This woman is not your friend.
Perhaps untitled could put her up.

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How Much More Will People Tolerate From This Dinosaur ?

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