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No Way Back For Harry?

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naomi24 | 14:47 Fri 16th Dec 2022 | News
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What with Harry's extraordinary attack on his brother and Meghan's take on Meghan being perfection personified, can the rift ever be healed?

Harry spoke quite wistfully, I thought, of his life with his family, an impression that didn’t diminish when he referred to his Californian residence as 'home sweet home' and said this is where he is meant to be, or words to that effect. Somehow I couldn't quite believe he meant it. It's all so very sad.


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did I see
it is not clear
clarified to - - - it is quite clear
Normal sunday for AB ! then

these are called "polar errors", and are said to account for oxygen-nitrous oxide errors ( dead babaies etc) in anaesthesia

also stopping at green traffic lights - - I know that because the car ran over my bicycle
Has anyone considered that possibly Harry does not want to come back?
Question Author
No way back refers to reconciliation.
and so? my question stands.
if he din wanna come back
his royal highness would not demand a palace apology like Leddy Hussey did to Ngozi ( aka sharron).
He would just clutch his toys and stay at home

the leddy who used to say: "Vy dont you leave me alone" didnt want to be left alone

am I allowed to say Prince Harry is a munt? depends on whether the average AB prole knows what one is
pp I know what it means and that is most unpleasant of you.
Question Author
Ok, LJ. Just clarifying from the point of view of the OP.
A manny might be kinder, Peter.
That's okay Naomi. Just taking Harry's words on their face value. Maybe life there is what he wants and nothing more to do with his family over here. If he hated it so much he acted very well whilst he was based here.
Question Author
Yes, he did, LJ.
He may take some comfort from knowing that when the tears come, as they surely will, he'll be alright for a roof over his head and a hot meal.

What comes after he'll just have to live with.

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No Way Back For Harry?

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