So Johnson Did Know About Pincher Allegations

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FatticusInch | 22:29 Mon 04th Jul 2022 | News
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….and so did Dominic Raab.

More lies from the Tory heads.
Why does Johnson only appoint sycophants and grovellers instead of people qualified for the job with no previous baggage or allegations?
When will all this end?


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Now that the Mail has (apparently) had enough, and he's looking like a liability to any Tory MP that hasn't got a massive majority it shouldn't be long.

He will leave with a smirk on his face knowing he's got a cushy future making hilarious speeches in the Lords.
In today's Daily Mail editorial, it says,

"For all his recent troubles - some self-inflicted - this paper unequivocally believes Boris Johnson is the right man to lead the party and the country."

Sounds like the daily version is a fan still.
Yes Corby, but we all know that when you get a resounding vote of confidence from your political allies it's when you're stuffed.

It's like when football clubs are about to sack a manager.
Question Author
Yes, THECORBYLOON, I saw that.

It’s difficult to tell who writes the Daily Mail Comment section as there is no name to it, especially when you have totally contrasting stories like this under the same banner?

Seems the paper is run by a split of Conservatives similar to that of the 215 for, 148 against Tory parliamentary party?

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Sky News have their own analysis of the Puncher story.

Looking forward to the next round of cabinet ministers to be wheeled out to explain the workings of Downing St.
Yet more to sell their souls on national tv for a chance to get crumbs from Johnson’s table.
How much longer will the Conservative Party allow themselves to be taken for mugs by Johnson on a weekly basis?
Also, how does all this look to a parliamentary select committee that will shortly begin scrutinising the PM’s question of honesty and integrity?
Maybe the new appointments to the 1922 Committee next week will finally put Johnson out of their misery?
Anyone who knows what they are doing are a threat to Boris
I wonder what the Cabinet make of Johnson’s leadership?

They are constantly being called upon to put out a fire that Johnson has lit, only for him to combust them the next day.

Thérèse Coffey was tasked with fronting the lie that Boris didn’t know/no one told him/it was someone else's fault/Boris is innocent on Sunday, to a disbelieving press. She had a torrid time, and must have felt terrible at the end of her day. She was rewarded 24 hours later by Downing Street contradicting everything she said making her look an utter fool.

Stuff like that would test anyone’s loyalty.
Question Author
//I wonder what the Cabinet make of Johnson’s leadership?//

From the BBC.
“Cabinet angry at defending Johnson again" headlines the i newspaper. The paper says it has been told ministers have been unwilling to defend the prime minister over his handling of the allegations against Mr Pincher. It adds Cabinet ministers have also been authorised to depart from the official Downing Street line in TV and radio interviews.

As has been pointed out before, Johnson surrounds himself with flunkies and sycophants who would be too weak to take him on in a leadership run-off.
Who in his cabinet would ever challenge him?
They’re all doomed now anyway as they’ll always be reminded of how they defended him time and again over the constant scandals so are forever tainted.
It must be demoralising knowing you’re going to be pulled away from daily business to defend the utter s***-show that is Boris Johnson and whatever you say is going to be undermined and contradicted by Downing St within 24 hours.
Surely Pincher will resign by the end of the week now that it’s shown he WAS subject to an internal investigation and subsequently apologised?
Would one more catastrophic by-election result in tandem with the select committee investigation make the Tory party hierarchy act?
I’m sure there’ll be plenty of newcomers to the 1922 Committee who’ll be clamouring to change the rules to remove him.
Not sure Pincher has to resign. He didn’t last time. They really don’t want another by-election at this time.

And the 1922 Committee Executive elections could go either way. Some rebel anti Boris candidates will get elected, but probably not enough to change anything soon.

What Boris lacks in competence, he makes up for in luck.
Alternative headlines that might have been ... if only.

""Homophobic Johnson sacks gay Minister after malicious and unfounded accusations from unidentified source""
A spokesman from stonewall said, Blah, blah, blah, meehh.
it seems this was a "well kent" secret !
// malicious and unfounded accusations from unidentified source //

Except that isn’t what happened.
He got very drunk and groped 2 men in the Carlton club in front of several witnesses. Fessed up when sobered up, and walked.
A bit like the Patrick Grady story up here in Scotland,Gromit.What is it with all these nationalists.Do they all think they are teflon coated.
Being gay wasn’t Pincher’s crime.
Being predatory, indiscreet and having a drink problem, were his downfall.
Pincher should resign, if only to bring on another,
By-Election so the Cons can get another hammering .
...Bring it on ,,,,,,
Basically the same as Patrick Grady,gromit.Both backed by their leaders.Nationalists,huh.
Grady also,Gully.But they wont.
Yes ynnafymmi, the cases are very similar.

Grady made unwanted advances at a party and in a London pub. It is fair to assume he was drunk. And the party knew about his indiscretions but chose to ignore them, and not support his victims.
Pincher should resign,Grady should resign,Johnson should resign,Sturgeon should resign.But they wont.
Not sure it is nationalism being the common thread.

The SNP and the Conservatives both have a healthy majority. That brings arrogance, entitlement and a feeling of invincibility. They think they can do what they like because a lot of people voted for them. But they are wrong.

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So Johnson Did Know About Pincher Allegations

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