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nope, dunno why they even bother reporting it.
Only 6 dead and some 20 injured. It's hardly worth a mention.
At least 6 dead. Sounded like an automatic rifle.
Terrorist or loon, this crime is very easy in American compared to the rest of the world because their laws facilitate the purchase of lethal weapons by unstable people.
It ain’t rocket science cousins, sort it and stop it.
Republican politicians are in the pocket of the NRA. Many are aware that any support from them for gun control will leave them vulnerable to rivals further out on the right.
… Delilah,

I’ll get me coat.
I think I'm with ttt on this. I'm not even sure why it's on the news (other than local to where it happened).

We could probably have a summary at the end of each year, number of people killed in USA mass shootings, with the story and discussion point being whether it was up or down on the previous year, and that would be enough.
I don't know how I ever got on with Viagogo I use ATG a lot and have some vouchers from them I could have used for shows cancelled during lockdown :-((
Learn what.

What exactly do you think can be done to stop this?

Its not the guns BTW, its the mentality of the user. No gun they will use something else like a vehicle.
where is that idiot who always comes up with
"take your partner for the usual day-ance?"

young crazy with a high powered rifle - they do an awful lot of damage and dont have to hit you to rip your arm off - winging will suffice

Is someone really suggesting it is not news as it didnt happen in London ? Normal day on AB then
Granny grump I would go around to viagogo and blas them if I were you ! - only sensible comment on this thread
The irony is that they were celebrating independence from the UK; had they not got their independence they would have been covered by UK gun laws and it might not have happened.
What is to learn further Canary ? They already know that the problem was that not everyone near him had a gun to take him out first. Or a rocket launcher or two. The just need to change the law to make it compulsory and all will be perfectly safe.
Robert Crimo, voted person most likely to...

if the photo is anything to gauge by.
The MSM were quite keen last night on this story with a white shooter.
It'll disappear faster than Covid if it turns out he was mad about Roe v Wade or something similar.
Will 'they' ever learn - NO.
I wished an American friend 'Happy 4 July' yesterday. He asked if we might be persuaded to take it back. :o)
Musing to myself…..I wonder if when captured they were publicly executed in a most horrific way. Would that deter such evil actions in the future?
hung, drawn & quartered - hell yeah, dunno why we ever stopped!
david small - // Musing to myself…..I wonder if when captured they were publicly executed in a most horrific way. Would that deter such evil actions in the future? //

No, for one very simple reason.

No-one who commits a criminal act, from scrumping an apple to massacring several dozen innocents with a high-powered rifle, does so with the notion of consequences in their mind at the time.

If anyone thought about consequences, they would not commit the crime in the first place, but crimes are not committed by people who rationalise and consider the results of their actions - that's what makes them criminals in the first place.

Your solution would require the consequences to be registered and remembered by the potential gun nut, and to be forefront in his mind when he pulls the trigger, or rather does not pull the trigger.

That requires rational thought processes to be at work, and let's face it people who carry guns in public are, by definition, devoid of anything approaching rationality.

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Yet Another Shooting In Usa. When Will They Learn ?

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