At Last … Long Range Rockets For Ukraine

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ichkeria | 16:00 Fri 27th May 2022 | News
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Can’t come soon enough really.

A “game changer”?

I’m not so sure. But it will certainly change something


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I would have thought that all rockets should be fired at a long range. Surely if you are too near the target you risk blowing yourself up. ;-/
Question Author
This is worth reading, from the mysterious General SVR channel.
The last bit in particular is fascinating.
“General SVR” also claims that Putin’s recent TV appearances are prerecorded

“The decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to simplify the issuance of Russian passports to residents of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions of Ukraine is not spontaneous. This decision was in the plans for at least two months and was transformed and postponed based on the objective situation at the front. Moreover, the plans for the annexation of several regions of Ukraine to Russia for Putin have been resolved, and these plans are constantly discussed at closed meetings in various formats with the participation of the president.

Now the main task that Putin has set for the military bloc is access to the administrative borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and, if possible, the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions of Ukraine. When implementing the tasks of reaching the administrative borders of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, it is planned to recognize the independence of the occupied territories of Zaporozhye and Kherson regions with subsequent access to their administrative borders.

After the capture and annexation of these four regions of Ukraine to Russia, Putin plans to start a "peace negotiation process." The "peace process" itself should become a screen for preparing for the annexation of the Kharkov, Nikolaev and Odessa regions of Ukraine, as well as Moldova. After the failure of the "peace talks", the Kremlin plans further aggression in order to seize the above territories AND PARALLELLY A SERIES OF HYBRID OPERATIONS IN EUROPE, with a direct threat of the use of nuclear weapons, which will come directly from the leadership of the Kremlin. To create a split in the European Union and NATO is the fixed idea of ​​Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The beginning of the war showed that the implementation of Putin's plans was failing in the very first days. Not a clear understanding of the actual events and situation, but the promises of the leadership of the military and power blocs, gives Putin confidence that these and other plans will be implemented. It must be said that after the failure of the start of the war, Putin has almost completely recovered and, having replaced part of the initial military leadership of the operation, including Gerasimov and Shoigu, who only nominally remain in their posts, he hopes for the success promised by the new leadership. Putin is still confident that he can outplay and win everyone, and he does not care about objective reality. Yes, and so, for a general understanding, the threat of a nuclear strike is the higher, the closer Putin is to the implementation of his plans, when he will be able to put a winning point with this, and vice versa, the closer the failure of his plans, the more unpromising and senseless is the use of nuclear weapons as for Putin himself, and for his entourage, which will play a significant role in the adoption and implementation of this decision. Not to understand this means not to know Putin at all. Let's turn to some Western politicians: sometimes you should trust your intelligence, and not your fears, which are easy to confuse with rationality.”
Splitting up the EU has long been an ambition of Putin. That's why the Russians took an active role in trying to influence the Brexit vote. It was obvious that Brexit was good for Russia, and sadly their UK 5C fell for it. Farridge had a nice little earner with the Russian propaganda machine and was too dim and/or selfish to realise or care.
Question Author
30,000 mark now hit for Ukraine assessment of Russian deaths.
That’s double the entire Afghan war: in three months
‘That's why the Russians took an active role in trying to influence the Brexit vote’

Awww gawd.

As for the rockets, I’m not sure how Mad Vlad will react to his country being ‘shelled’, but I suspect it could cause a rather large escalation.
Question Author
Counteroffensive appears to be underway in Kherson oblast as Ukrainian forces advance and explosions heard in the city
Question Author
Russia already was shelled.
Anyway, that isn’t what these weapons are for
Brexit is unlikely to be the slightest use to Russia. The US and EU's abominable response which threatens solidarity might help Russia though, but the US and EU seem keener on making things difficult than they are dealing with expansionist power blocks.
Question Author
Read the last paragraph from General SVR : it’s allegedly someone “on the inside” and if so intriguing
Whoopee! WW3 here we come;
Question Author
Brexit’s irrelevant now but it wasn’t at the time.
The US especially and the EU have hardly been “abominable”? Some mistake surely
It’s disgraceful that neither Scholz nor Macron have been to Kyiv yet. But that’s nothing to do with the EU.
What are the weapons for, Ich?
There is 'long range', and there is 'long range'. The launcher can be used with missiles that have a range of distances. No doubt the missiles supplied are for hitting invading forces in the areas they have occupied. Just bad luck if one reaches past the national border on occasion.
Question Author
What are the weapons for, Ich?”

Hitting the enemy with Zacs
And they’re that precise, are they?
Kiev has nothing to do with EU's attitude re NI negotiations, nor does the US sticking it's ignorant nose in where it ought not be. Clearly behaviour designed to cause rift, which could affect everything.

Brexit itself, either at the time or now, can't affect Russia since they weren't involved: unless we agreed a trade agreement with them on leaving, which seems unlikey.
Question Author
And they’re that precise, are they”

You fire them at the enemy and they hit them.
Not sure what you mean.
As OG says, if one or two end up in Russia, tough. It’s already happened anyway
So, zero risk of collateral, civilian damage from them?
Oh Zam, you're about to be piled onto.
Question Author
So, zero risk of collateral, civilian damage from them?”

Every risk I would gave thought

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At Last … Long Range Rockets For Ukraine

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