The Prime Minister Future-Proofs Himself From Scrutiny

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FatticusInch | 18:13 Fri 27th May 2022 | News
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Just heard a colleague talking about this and I honestly took it that it was a wind up.
Let the shenanigans continue. What an absolute joke, laughing at his supporters and detractors alike.


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He's trying to do what would-be dictators often do - change the rules to ensure that they hang onto power. Putin's a recent example. Unfortunately, people like that often have fans and hangers-on who love them so much that they would support such actions even though it is obviously a stupid thing to allow.
There's more than a hint of the Berlusconi/Ceaucescu/Marie Antoinette about our lumpen leader.

Deluded, ruthless and entitled.
No money for power to cook food??

'Let them eat M&S sandwiches'
Should it be proven that Boris lied to parliament – he will judge it as a minor breach of the ministerial code, and therefore not requiring his resignation.

Just how low can this government go?
Little lies turn into bigger lies, then turn into dictators.But Boris can duck and dive until the cows come home, he is doing damage to the cons that will come back and bite them in the *ss.

Sadly what will happen at the next election is that people will just waste their vote, just to get their own back on Boris, they will just vote for anyone other than the cons, regardless of any polices other parties put out. The public are NOT going to forget this!!!
What will it take for the Tory MPs to realise that Boris is ‘damaged goods’, and if they want to be re-elected they need to get rid of him ASAP?
Well, at least he waited a respectable period of time ...
Laughing at his supporters and detractors alike just about sums it up.
21.36, There are a few who seem to think backing Boris at the moment will save their jobs, but they are not looking long term.
If they had any brains at all they would see that Boris's actions have dragged the con party down the pits.
It's becoming a bit like the Trump situation.
He's obviously unworthy of the office, but as long as he remains inexplicably popular with the electorate, the self serving back benchers will not speak up against him. They'll be checking the opinion polls regularly to help them decide what do.

It's left to a handful of enemies with an axe to grind and people who genuinely object to his behaviour to break Tory ranks and actually criticise him.

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The Prime Minister Future-Proofs Himself From Scrutiny

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