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More fool them.
I heard the accounts were well in the black.
Taken in?

What do you mean?

BLM is a decentralised political movement. It came about to highlight incidents of police brutality and systematic racism towards black people.

Taking the knee was a symbolic act to show support for the cause.

People doing so weren't gullible.
However it has to be said - these headlines make depressing reading. It's like the moment money is involved, corruption and greed follow on pretty quickly.
yes it doesnt surprise me
harry was planning to leech off archewell which apparently is quite lawful.

and Capt Tom's d was planning a raid on his funds as well
But your confusing BLM Black Lives Matter the idea with a paticular group also called BLM....but some like to pretend to be confused
You shouldn’t be accusing her, PP. Read your own link.
Spot on bobbinwales.
Most people (I hope) homed in to BLM being a corrupt organisation at the start. We did.
My idiot grandson (then nearly 11) presented to his class a support of the said organisation and asked me to correct his exposition on their importance. I have discouraged him. Not sure he believes me.
This is doing tremendous damage - grandson etc. won't see this sort of headline.
They are a nasty, black supremacist organisation as far as I can see. So nothing surprises me about them. I'll continue to fight grandson, if he continues to be taken in.

That’s not true.

BLM are not a black supremacist organisation.

You’re grandson is only 11 but sounds like a decent young man.
I blame Harry and Meghan. I'm sure they're behind it somehow.
// You shouldn’t be accusing her,//
Charity commission started an investigation when they were informed plan A was to pay her £150 000

I of course am not accusing her of narfin


I think we can all agree that H&M are behind *everything*.

If she saved a whole ward of children from a hospital fire, her pockets should be searched for matches…

Capt toms doo dah completely blame free
I read the link and

"The charity watchdog has launched an investigation into charity after it paid more than £50,000 to companies run by Mrs Ingram-Moore and her husband.

"The Charity Commission recently confirmed it was investigating the foundation over its governance and spending, leading to the inaugural Captain Tom Day to be postponed."

clean as a whistle as you say

Hey everybody - no one on Ab knows what 'conflict of interest' is. ( stinks)
SP 1814 Said grandson has been caught by me 'putting the boot into' and using horrible language to his defenceless much smaller sister. 'Fine young man' is a distinct misnomer. He is improving.
//If she saved a whole ward of children from a hospital fire, her pockets should be searched for matches…//

That should be a given. A perfectly reasonable and responsible approach. "Recollections may vary" don'tcha know and those of the Duchess of Suffolk seem to vary more than most.
They ought not have been so keen to support a racist organisation who were using a national trouble in a foreign country to inflict demonstrations worldwide, as if all had the same issue. It was rather offensive to imply guilt to all worldwide in that manner.
Trouble makers, nothing more.
1960s civil rights protesters were also called 'trouble makers'.

I think history has now proven that these were protesters, like BLM protesters and that they did good.

If George Wallace were alive today, he would no doubt call them 'trouble makers' too.

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And The Gullible Knee Takers Were Taken In.

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