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yes - they must all be held accountable - right to the top.
They won’t have enough prisons for them all.
The US has started a new investigation process also.

Meanwhile in Russia, extraordinarily, they held a grave-digging competition for the bodies of their dead: Omsk v Sevastopol v Novosibirsk.
20,000 rouble first prize.
Omsk won btw
Isn't it an annual event? Can't find anything from this year, just this from last year's comp;
conversely, it's being suggested that those Ukrainian soldiers recently taken from Azovstal, Mariupol, will themselves be tried (and possibly executed) for acts of terrorism against the civilian population of south-east Ukraine.
They will be bargaining chips Mushroom.

The big problem of course is finding the guilty parties. Most Russians will have either been killed or will flee back to Russia
The young soldier is facing justice. I read there may be some kind of prisoner exchange with him.

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