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gulliver1 | 08:55 Thu 19th May 2022 | News
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Vote down an Emergency Budget to tackle The Cost of Living Crisis.
Tory MPs have also voted down a Windfall Tax on the same day as inflation shot up to the highest level in 40 years Sparking a warning that the UK is heading for a Major Recession. Are these Tory MPs in a different world to the people who put them in Power ? Because they Ain't all in this together. The Tory MPs are in it for themselves.


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You were asked questions about inflation on your last thread "UK Inflation". Will you just ignore them like you have on that one.
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It's quite Obvious why the Tories voted down the windfall Tax was proposed by Labour .
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Most Tory Mps have shares in the UKs major supply Companies, so of course it is in their interest to vote down any proposals that will hurt their pockets .
Sod, Joe Public.
Orf with their heads I say!
Gulliver // to vote down any proposals that will hurt their pockets .//
Can you explain how voting down this amendment will affect the MP's pockets?
Politicians (of whatever persuasion) being politicians). They all have opinions on what the nation needs and the ways to provide it. A windfall tax seems a decent idea, but there is more than one way to skin a cat. They have put some relief in place already, one can only wait and see how they manage the upcoming issues.
It's good to see that the richest ex prime minister also an MP is Tony Blair. Is he a Tory. So not all MPs with their noses in the troughs are Tories. They are in all parties.
A windfall tax seems initially like a great idea.

But the problem is this - companies exist to make profits.

The bigger their profits, the more investment they make, so if it appears that the government is punishing them for being successful, it removes the incentive to push up profits, and investment is lost.
It tends to be applied only when excessive unexpected profit has been made from the public from something that hits the rest of us. Paying it back to the community isn't unreasonable in those circumstances, and it's not as if the expected level of profit from normal circumstances is being taken, so investment should still be manageable.
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Just Can't wait for Boris to make his U turn on
.."Windfall Tax" is inevitable,,,bring it on Boris.

OK OG, when they have an unexpected downturn in profits will you be happy to chip in and help them? I sure wouldnt.

Another thing many ignore is that the Shareholders are often Pension Companies, meaning many people gain.

And of course if you (as a Country) get a name for taxing the successful then businesses looking to expand will look elsewhere or off-shore as much as possible.

But the left never seem to get beyond just grabbing what is in front of them.

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