Well Cover Me In Eggs And Flour And Bake Me For 40 Minutes!

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ToraToraTora | 14:59 Wed 18th May 2022 | News
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....The wee un is now a NATO fan! What amazes me about people suddenly realising that they are now pro NATO is that... Did they really think something like what has happened to sway them could not happen? Anyway looks like Queen Nicola has upset the greens so that's a bonus.


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Please bear in mind at all times that the question of these weapons being on independent Scottish soil will never need to be answered in the real world.
Nor the job losses at Faslane, eh, Doooogie?
Yes, I saw that yesterday TTT. Looks like a wake up call for many. Wonder if COB will change his mind?

anyone who's travelled the high road between Loch Long and Gare Loch can't fail to see how massive the collective facility at Coulport/Faslane really is, and how difficult it could be to remove it somewhere else. how much of an effect the base has on the economy of the area around Helensburgh is evidenced by it containing one of only a handful of Waitrose stores in Scotland, and comparing it with Greenock on the opposite side of the clyde, a similar distance out of Glasgow, is stark.

more likely the base would be used as a trade-off against a share of the national debt, or oil revenues/decommissioning costs.
The Waitrose closed last year.
A report on re-locating Faslane in the event of Scottish independence taking place was commissioned during the Cameron / Salmond attempt. There were several real alternative locations found and the winner, as it were, was Milford Haven.
She wants to be part of, and have the protection of, NATO, as long as they don't have their weapons in Scotland: and if that occurs she will ensure the well equipped Scottish military will add so much to the world's and NATO's security. Personally I'm unconvinced.
She makes herself more a fool every time she opens her mouth.
Well Zam, if the base doesn't close the jobs will stay.

Yours sincerely

Professor of Logic
University of Science
chortle on TTT
titter ye not ( thx to Frankie How-weird)

when the facts change I change my mind, what do you do?
JM Keynes

and the Ukraine war is a pretty big mind changing event
( glaring look and nods head like Judge Judy)
Any money on whether Putin will continue the blockade of shipping and let Africa starve?

30m tons of grain er flapping in the breeze. and no crop next year

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Well Cover Me In Eggs And Flour And Bake Me For 40 Minutes!

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