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Peter Pedant | 00:05 Tue 17th May 2022 | News
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confusing details
buses taking the (U) fighters out to a Russian supporting areas,

so- no firing squads, but their future is still uncertain- possibly a prisoner exchange

Thoughts anyone?


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Another 211 people are being taken to Olenivka, about 55 miles north, through humanitarian corridors, she said, adding that they would be exchanged with Russian military prisoners before returning home.
Looks like it will be a prisoner exchange.
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Hello campers
thanks for showing an interest

Will Russian doctors jump with joy at treating Ukrainian wounded military?

Rick Jolly wrote about the Argies ( in order of injury NOT nationality) in Red and green Life Machine BUT - Russians havent exactly been behaving like British Officers innit
Sometimes miracles happen.
There was the girl of 12 orphaned by the Orcs, and wounded by a land mine, and then transferred to hospital in Donetsk where she was paraded on Russian TV.
Her grandad didn’t dare go to the DNR to collect her, but amazingly and thankfully she’s now in Kyiv with him.
So fingers crossed for those wounded and prisoners also now in the DNR.
Russian duma now threatening to declare Azov regiment a “terrorist organisation” and not release the warriors.

What a surprise
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I thought that would happen all along
( Yalta and return of the cossacks to their deaths Aug 1945 )
They are complete and utter barstrarreds
I love the BBC headline
"Talks to end the war are on hold"
What "talks to end the war" might those be I wonder.
The war ends when Russia leaves the territory of Ukraine
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Ukraine: are you going to go away?
Russia - no

then there is very little to discuss
Unless this is to drag on for years at some point concessions will have to be made on both sides.

Whilst I personally would be happy to see the back of Russia completely the reality is its probably going to end up with them at least holding onto Crimea.

It’s been going 8 years already and the latest news from Moscow shows there is little point negotiation or dealing with this regime.
Add that to the appalling litany of war crimes already committed and you can see why a genuine peace settlement with them still in power is impossible
I think the prisoners which held out for so long in the steelworks will be tortured and treated terribly. Is there any body that is able to oversee how they are treated? The United Nations - Amnesty International?
Russia is debating whether to leave the WHO and the WTO. They effectively no longer recognise the EHRC and were expelled from the Council of Europe.
In other words, this regime is isolating the country from the civilised world, and it is hard to see, sadly, how Amnesty or the UN will have any influence on them. After all, the agreement over the Azovstal fighters was supposedly brokered via the ICRC amongst others.
We will have to see: not all Duma motions get through: some are kite-flying exercises by extremists.
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// not all Duma motions get through: some are kite-flying exercises by extremists.//

well lets hope this one gets flushed down the bog

I thought they would just go into a gulag and disappear. I daresay they did as well
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why arent the Russians dancing in the streets and claiming victory?

and thanks again for your input
Over Mariupol?

I guess they have some shame.
Arguably its ultimately a defeat.
I don’t know if you saw the retired Russian military strategist on their tv telling a few home truths. The programme’s anchor’s face was hilarious!
I don't see this ending well for the Azov Regiment POWs.
I do not trust the Russians, they could send the men to Siberia or somewhere.
Ich, did you watch the following 2 clips from your link? Someone else who knows what the reality is.

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