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I think it's nice - it's where the Ukraine Consulate is.
Meant to say that it could be a response to Ukraine changing one of their road names to 'Boris Johnson'
Irrational, kneejerk and emotional response but typical of this generation, so......quite appropriate.
some what censorious , sqad

street name change otherwise takes 10 y I wd not be surprised

Which generation is responsible for street naming?
Question Author
Alex Cole-Hamilton, for one, is 44.

I think it’s kinda nice, but a) I hope the locals know how to pronounce it and b) it might be a bit soon to lionise Zelensky.
You make a good point in that streets have been named after famous people for as long as I can remember and Zalensky may fall into that category of "famous people."

Who knows?

My main concern is for the generation born in the 70's to 80's , probably in some way due to social media seem to be more ....demonstrative....eshibitionist than my generation (born in the 30's). Events and achievements that we took for granted or "no big deal" are plastered all over the network.

The era of "if you haven;t got anything useful to say then shut up".............and this dorsn't seem to apply anymore.

I am not saying it is a retrograde step for this generation but it is something that I struggle to understand.
Question Author
I don't mind either way.
Not sure it's too early mind you - he is already going to be remembered for his stand on that first weekend in Feb when he was filmed on the street while Russian "special" forces were still a threat. and I can't believe "Zelensky" is that hard to spell! They've certainly been attentive to detail on the sign
(See also )
If not already we should kick out all the Russian diplomatic staff and close their embassies/consulates sine die.
Question Author
In Kyiv meanwhile the statue of friendship between Russia and Ukraine has been destroyed by the authorities, but the rainbow arc above it still stands (it has an interesting feature: you can speak into it at one end and your voice carries to the far end: sadly there's no pot of gold though)
And a statue of Putin has been put up showing his pointing a gun in his mouth.
I do admire the cheeky nature of a lot of this: when Channel 4 reportes went in search of two teachers they had interviewed in Mariupol before the war, they phoned the school only to ge tthe following recorded message:
"Due to the war, this number is not operating. If you calling from Russia, go and **** yourself"
Far too early to do this, Boris has actually already GIVEN weapons & large chunks of British taxpayer's money to Ukraine (& I'm OK with that), but though Zelensky has done big things for Ukraine, he's nothing for Britain, let alone Edinburgh.
I think ichi might be behind this :0)
Question Author
"Zelensky has done big things for Ukraine, he's nothing for Britain, let alone Edinburgh. "

That is hardly the point!
Question Author
I quite liked this, and I'm not sure it's the only one ...
Question Author
People want to help but have no idea how they can. They've given to collecting points to the extent that ours was so overwhelmed it was forced to say 'no more', and this, while just a gesture, is a nice one that sends a good message. I can think of streets that have been renamed (and permanently) for worse reasons.
I like the idea of renaming the street the Russian embassy is on.

> I can't believe "Zelensky" is that hard to spell

There seems to be two ways of spelling it, Zelensky and Zelenskyy.
But what if it turns out his Great-g-g-g-g-g grandfather was a slave-trader, then what?
Question Author
“There seems to be two ways of spelling it, Zelensky and Zelenskyy.”

Those are transliteration issues, as there is no one-one correspondence between the two alphabets
See what I posted earlier
or Zelenskiy, Elipsis

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