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pretty standard stuff from the nation with no common sense.
Which one Ken, or both?
Question Author
The death itself is senseless, Barsel. The parents are reckless, careless, brainless - choose any or all. Not only will the kid now have to grow up without a mother, he will one day learn that it was he who killed her:-(
These accidents happen quite often. If you have a gun owning culture this will happen.
Please remember that not all Americans condone gun ownership and are just as shocked at such a senseless death.
Good grief! The child probably plays with toy guns at home.
Its not the gun ownership thats the problem (many countries own guns especially large ones with hostile environments) its the owners. Unfortunately the good old US of A does seem to have more than its fair share of dolts.
//The child probably plays with toy guns at home.//

And? So did I and just about every kid I knew (including the girls)
I meant as in he thought the real gun was a toy.

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Another Senseless Death!

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