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tiggerblue10 | 10:31 Mon 07th Mar 2022 | News
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What are your thoughts on how the UKs response for visas for Ukrainian refugees is being processed? I know we have to maintain UK security but is the pace too slow? 50 visas have been issued so far. Are there visa requirements for other European countries?


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no idea, but the Minister that was on the news this morning said that more would be allowed to come than the 50 figure.
It is extremely important. especially at this time, that we maintain top security. It would not surprise me at all if Russian 'agents' are trying to sneak in as refugees.

It took 3 months for my SC clearance to be done, thats normal. And that is for a UK National who they have details for. OK, we are not going to the same level for anyone coming here but it shows how long things take.
I think it's going too slowly but trust that, that'll change soon.

Ironic that we are wanting and failing to send back the illegal economic migrants from France, while wanting to show humanitarian aid to the victims of the Russian invasion.

Seems fair enough to me to offer to those with family here as priority. Little reason to extend that when countries nearer to the Ukraine can accommodate the bulk of refugees.
Can we expect 'fake Ukrainians' I wonder?
Far too slow, Tiggs but no surprise there. Ireland waived visa requirements early, in line with the EU directive allowing Ukrainian refugees to remain for up to three years in the first instance.
And for any Russians that want to just waltz in then Gness?

Some checks are necessary, people are not honest.
*** Can we expect 'fake Ukrainians' I wonder? ***

Yes - but given that Ukrainian is

a) difficult
b) hardly spoken outside Ukraine

It will be very easy for any country to employ a few 'real' Ukrainians to sift through the refugees as they arrive.
And for the Russian sympathising Ukrainians? And there are plenty.
The paranoia that says that Russian agents will flood in is .... paranoid.

Any Russians that their security services want in the UK are probably there already with impeccable credentials - there are excellent forgers in the KGB ...
//The paranoia that says that Russian agents will flood in is .... paranoid.//

Garbage. I would not trust Russia one inch. It would be too easy for them to get in and then start attacking the fleeing Ukrainians on our soil. They have form, and that is not paranoia.

But no problem, you let everyone in no checks and good luck to you.
"No Visas" does not equate to "No Checks" - it just means that it can be done expeditiously inside the receiving country, rather than leaving the poor refugees in limbo in a third country whilst they wait to join their relatives/friends.
I see you are moving the goalposts.

If you are doing checks then they will be left in limbo in a third country.

You cant have it both ways.
You really don't understand, YMB. Ukrainians are arriving here with immediate access to healthcare, education, accommodation and any other support they require without having to jump through impossible hoops from far away.
Nobody is being left in limbo in Ireland. Checks *are* being made - but alongside making sure they are being welcomed and cared for.
I can't say more to help you understand.

I guess it's the different mindset of those in a country who know what it's like to be invaded by the bully next door.
Dangerous ground now, kumbaya oot the windae shortly.
I did hear that a Spanish man had been arrested at one of the crossing points from Ukraine on suspicion of espionage
Ireland says and does: come in, stay there, now let's process your application
UK says: we have very, very generous and open policy for Ukrainian refugees
UK does: you can't come in, sod off and submit your application from somewhere else (where exactly???? I don't know), we'll get back to you if you're successful
Re. 'Fake Ukrainians' : Another aspect of this crisis is that the borders to the EU are now effectively porous & I have read that illegals can get into Ukraine - which isn't difficult now in this chaos- they can then easily gain access to the bordering EU countries, - Poland say, & then on to any EU country.
Remember all those people being flown into Belarus by Lukashenko only a few weeks ago, and of whom nothing any more is heard, where are they all now?
It's easier for a Russian oligarch to get into the House of Lords than it is for a Ukrainian refugee to get into the UK ...
Tiggs, I can't print my thoughts on this cruelty.
Now Priti Patel has phoned Helen McEntee (Justice Minister) to express concern about refugees being welcomed into Ireland. Her concern is about them being close enough to Britain to get in.

Priti Patel needs to know that the days when Britain could tell Ireland what to do have long gone.

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Visas For Ukrainians

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