Covid Hispital Cases Highest Since March

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Stickybottle | 18:04 Wed 29th Dec 2021 | News
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And we have not had the peak yet

A third of London Fire Engines not active due to staff shortages

So what happened to Omicron being less severe ?

Still got super spreader New Year to come yet as well !


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Anybody in hospital with Covid has to be kept away from people who don't have Covid, no matter whether or not it was Covid that put them in hospital. This fact stretches resources. Likewise flu or Ebola, but Covid is a bit more common at present. You can't work in a job that puts you in contact with vulnerable people if you have Covid. Like, cutting injured people...
21:01 Wed 29th Dec 2021

//I blame the foodbanks. I was saying that, among other things, to a geezer and his mate in a van today.//
When it gets to 100 jabs, nailit, it will be the fault of those who have had only 99.
A worldwide pandemic, everyone affected is a victim.
But smoke, drink, be overweight.... and in spite of deliberate self-harm, you still "deserve treatment".
Couldn't make it up.
It's less severe but more contagious. The staff shortages are due to people being legally obliged to isolate after a positive lateral flow rather than dropping dead.
Or with any symptoms, Tomas. My sister and I have to isolate until we get results. Might be nothing.
//Covid Hispital Cases Highest Since March//
Must be the fault of the double vaxxed for failing to have their booster....
Funny you say that.
//There are no official NHS figures on the vaccination status of people in intensive care, //

Why not?
Stop panicking. Last winter hospital cases peaked at over 38,000 and the NHS wasn't overwhelmed. On this very day it was 2.5 times what it is today.

Source is the government official data below.
I just noticed that the figures I posted are for the UK and the BBC link in the OP refers to the 10,400 in England only.

The England numbers were 34,000 peak and 21,700 on this day last year.;areaName=England
From 1.12.20 to 29.12.20, COVID patients in England increased by 61.3% compared to 79.5% in the same period this year.

The current main problem with the virus is the lack of testing kits. The number of people wanting to get a week off work but not having an excuse to do so is rising exponentially.
I and many of my friends and family have got or had covid recently and in every case it has been like a bad cold, sore throat, coughing etc, nothing life threatening. So what's with all the constant testing and isolating? It's pointless and doing untold damage to the economy and public services.
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My guess is they do not know enough yet so are proceeding with caution after how badly they have managed a lot of things so far
Yes sticky but how long is it going to go on,? Who will be the first leader to have the guts to put their head above the parapet and say stop, enough testing and isolation, let's just live with it and the coughs and sore throats that go with it.
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From bbc live now :

The UK is still seeing very high Covid hospital admissions, despite early evidence suggesting Omicron may be milder than previous variants, the government's former chief scientific adviser says.

Prof Mark Walport tells BBC Radio 4's World at One programme that it is not yet clear whether the wave will break through to older people in the UK.

And with around five million adults in the UK still completely unvaccinated, he says the risk of being admitted to hospital remains for those individuals.

He adds that the "astronomical number of infections" in the UK also poses "terrific challenges" for the workforce, with large numbers isolating.
.//There are no official NHS figures on the vaccination status of people in intensive care, // Why not? bleats gullible woy

because the nerds of AB are just too idle to google it:

Between 14 July and 2 September 2021, 203 patients with Covid-19 were admitted to intensive care units (ICU) across north east London (NEL). Of these, 90% (181) were not fully vaccinated, with most tending to be on average six years younger than patients admitted to ICU who are fully vaccinated.+

[ "foo where you get dat from?" whine a hundred gullible and easily led Abers - ans: here]
Licky-bottle ( am I allowed to write that or will the humourless 'naming police' led by corbo and AH get me?)

From bbc live now :-- -- er dead right sticko !
and the real bad news? - - I was gonna be fed Sunday but my host is covid+ - infected I think by a younger member of his family....
oo-er guilty looks everywhere
and no lunchie!
14.17 Absolutely nothing to do with anything.
You the foo.
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Covid Hispital Cases Highest Since March

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