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grumpy01 | 19:23 Tue 28th Dec 2021 | News
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Hundreds of British and American soldiers killed and maimed in Afghanistan,for what? So that boys of 10 and 11 can shine shoes instead of going to school so that they can help feed their families.


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Not sure what the question is.
Did Labour, Tory and Coalition Governments, waste time, vast amounts of money, just to be America’s *** ?
Yep. Was it value for money ? - No.
Were there any positives to come out of it ? -No, nothing.
Blair took us in. The coalition kept us in, the Cameron/Johnson kept us there until the fall.
i presume grumpy forgot the link
Such is the folly of politicians and generals. They run off with the spoils and blame others. But we keep letting them.
If you're not prepared to stay forever them at some point you'll have to leave and the thing you went in to get rid of will reappear
I've got some shoes that need shining - none down here yet....
Question Author
Thanks Bednobs that was what I saw on BBC news earlier.Trust someone to make a pointless comment.
It ought to be pointed out that British and American forces did not enter Afghanistan to stop the practice of child labour
Sir Richard Barrons, our most senior commander in Afghanistan, always had the most shiny and spotless shoes, despite living in the dustiest country on the planet.
It' an important matter and we are yet to see any Afghanis down here, never mind a restaurant. A good sushi would be welcome first....Nepalese we have....
Only our "nashnul broadcaster" could find shoeshine boys on a planet full of people who all wear trainers.
Perhaps they will eat the polish instead. Meehh.
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ah, the Kardashian girls make up for him.

Ichkeria, as I recall, one of the stated aims of the invasion was to improve the lot of Afghan women. They're probably not allowed to shine shoes.
I don’t think so jno :-)
It was more a case of “while we’re there”

It is disgraceful nonetheless that we pulled out.
That’s not a popular view here but it’s what I think
I don’t think so jno :-)
It was more a case of “while we’re there”

It is disgraceful nonetheless that we pulled out.
That’s not a popular view here but it’s what I think
But the Taliban wanted back in and in true 21st century snowflakery we cannot be seen any more to do anything that even vaguely looks like colonialism so what were we supposed to do ?
They got 20 good years from us but successively corrupt governments of the indigenous people did not do their bit did they ?
We got out not a moment too soon
What I found sad was that all the boys wanted to be in school and, despite their present circumstances, want to be a pilot, doctor etc. Very little chance of that, bless them.
I suppose that at least shows that even the most backward, stoneage, repressive, lunatic dominated regime can't control the imagination.
hi grumpo
this grumpo thought the exact same thing
starving skool kids and no dead Tommies = excellent outcome

the afghanis let the Taliban walk in - The battle of Kabul was when the chief talib walked to city hall....
they knew what was coming - the Taliban had done it before

the same kids who pointed out where the tommies were to the taliban are now weeping - "I aff no skool to go to" yeah they have totally screwed themselves and knew they were doing so when they did

[the Taliban assured the liberated peoples the american moolah wd not stop when they took power]

The US (and the UK, France, etc) wanted to oust the Taliban government who were allowing Al-Qaeda to use the country as a base for training and operations. Twenty years on the US pulled out, so "we" had to. Politically inept and militarily impossible.
I thought they had been coached - the kids

do NOT say you want to be a fighter for chrissakes

( la taqul inta aaiz jihadi) - do nart say you warnt to be jihadi (and keel liddle christian children) - arabic and not dari but what the hell this is AB

Hey proles and bozos - you know the Liverpool bomb which went off outside the muvvuz hospital? clocks ran late - a bit late so it exploded outside - and yes they wanted to blow up a maternity hospital - fun lovers day are

MI5 and 6 ( and 7 and 8) are on the job - obvious ploy - put a few terroristen in an inflatable along with the rest....

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