Karzai Says Taliban Are His Brothers

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Stickybottle | 23:42 Thu 02nd Dec 2021 | News
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Coalition Forces never really stood a chance did they ?
No wonder Biden left post haste !
Now Karzai wants Afghans to return to rebuild the country
Is he real ? He was out of there like **** off a stick when Kabul was being overrun


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A gutless fraud and chancer, apparently.

Not that I care particularly, the world's full of them, many elected.
While he's no prize, I think you've mixed him up with someone else, SB.
And he had the same influence on the Biden Administration's decision to break all the agreements and treaties with the Taliban as Joe Biden did, Ie. None.
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While he's no prize, I think you've mixed him up with someone else, SB.

Indeed it is one of his predecessors who fled as the Taliban closed in so my apologies
Thanks for highlighting it
Notwithstanding the irony that the Taliban tried several times to kill Karzai and he was accused of corruption on several occasions during his 2 tenures but then it appears to be part of the cv for leaders of that country
He has a very apt name if you remove the second 'a'.
Why is anyone surprised?
He’s likely scared of the Taliban
Place is a toilet, best just left alone to get on with whatever they want. Good luck to the Chinese with it.
pity the poor women, they were getting an education, that seems to have been stopped, total waste of lives all round.
//He’s likely scared of the Taliban //

More likely he's in agreement with them. I said at the beginning that the Taliban wouldn't be opposed and was shouted down for it.
afghanistan got what they wanted or deserved, there trained army ran away as did the corrupt government,, only for the lives and treasure we spent.

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Karzai Says Taliban Are His Brothers

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