Grandstanding, Or A Full Paddock Pass?

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douglas9401 | 08:31 Fri 03rd Dec 2021 | News
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Having read the article I realise that it's actually a non-story and the shouties and Gove have backed a wrong one.


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Kingspan K3 has a Euroclass rating of C, so not the best, but certainly not the worst, and is described as "Minor contribution to fire".

Only 5% of the product was used, and it was used without Kingspan's knowledge.

Given the above, I don't get why news of the sponsorship deal has left Grenfell United "...shattered...", and that it wanted them to "immediately sever your relationship", or why Gove feels the need to write to Mercedes to ask them to reconsider.

Kingspan have done nothing wrong, and unless the enquiry suggests differently, it would appear their product would not have meaningfully contributed to the spread of the fire.

Definitely grandstanding in my view.
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Yup, some folk believing they're the chosen ones plus Gove just being Gove.

It's all a bit desperate.
the fire brigade have admitted institutional failure. The management company threatened tenants who'd been campaigning for better fire safety with legal action (they later died in the fire). The council was making millions in poperty deals while cutting millions from the Grenfell upkeep budget ...

Etc etc. But Lewis Hamilton is the problem?
// But Lewis Hamilton is the problem? //

where does it say that?
his name's in the news, mushroom

Sky: The Mercedes Formula One team, which includes Britain's Lewis Hamilton in its driver line-up, is facing a backlash...

Guardian: Anger at the sponsoring of Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One car by a firm that made combustible insulation used on Grenfell Tower ...

Reuters: British housing minister Michael Gove and survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have called for Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes Formula One team to reconsider ...

Marseille News, for heaven's sake: Lewis Hamilton humilié par Michael Gove en tant que star de la F1 liée à la société de revêtement Grenfell

Sounds like a massive attempt to shift attention away from the inquiry and those responsible for the failings that led to the fire, to a racing team and its star driver who had nothing to do with any of it.
It may have been only 5% and used without their knowledge but they knew it was not safe, yet ckaimed it was and could be used on high-rise buildings.

'A company that made insulation used on Grenfell Tower was "stretching the truth" by claiming its product was appropriate for use on high-rise buildings, a former employee has said.

Kingspan fire-tested its cladding product in 2005, but changed the insulation's formulation the next year.

The new version of the product failed to repeat the same performance.

Ex-technical director Ivor Meredith told the inquiry into the fire this was "common knowledge" at Kingspan.

The first phase of the Grenfell inquiry concluded that cladding put on the west London tower block during its refurbishment fuelled the fire in June 2017 in which 72 people died.

The inquiry is now examining how the blaze could have happened in the first place.

Mr Meredith described a fire test using the new version of Kingspan's K15 in 2007 as a "raging inferno", with the insulation "burning on its own steam".

He told the inquiry he was shocked by what he saw.

Despite this, Kingspan continued to use the results from the original 2005 test to sell its material as appropriate for use on high-rise buildings.'

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Grandstanding, Or A Full Paddock Pass?

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