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she wants to have children? That will obviously leave her unfit for politics.
hardly likely as she is 51. or was that tongue in cheek jno.....
it's in the link, emmie, they're thinking of fostering.
must have missed that bit.
no she will go on - i watched some of the interview with Laura Kuenssberg, and noticed her getting a bit rattled when asked certain questions, but leave politics, no chance - not now.
I am keeping my lips firmly sealed....just as Nicola seems to have done ;-)
…maybe the end of the beginning … braw

Alba gu bràth
"....maybe the end of the beginning..." was a quote by Churchill about the finish of German nationalism,perhaps 3T is thinking about the same thing for Scottish nationalism.
she isn't going anywhere soon, she said so quite clearly.

I agree emmie, and why would she..
‘ She was re-elected in May after the SNP won the Scottish Parliament election with a record share of the vote.’
still can't stand the woman, or her Independence policies, for what's it worth.
In completely unrelated matters, it's not impossible for gay couples to foster or adopt.
isn't NS married...
Yes emmie, but....douglas is referring to rumours I think abot Nicola
personally i wouldn't care less if she was, but seems unlikely, as that would seep out in the media.
ynnaffymi seem's to know everything abour mr&mrs Sturgeon or thinks they do
She's said she isn't going anywhere. So yes, she'll be going soon.

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