Panic Buying Morons On The News Tonight Queuing To Top Up Their Fuel Tanks

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dave50 | 18:20 Sat 25th Sep 2021 | News
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Disgusting pathetic creatures. Thick as a whale omelette.


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Herd mentality Dave
-- answer removed --
They voted for it.
Who voted for it Gully?
I’ve got to say a certain gentleman of a tender age would have run rings round you in News with your crazy statements
To all you people who are in a queue at a petrol station... or at a supermarket with empty shelves,.. remember the proverb..... "You reap what you sow"....
18.26 ....Why bring family into it. ??
What family?
// There is no fuel shortage //

I've just driven from the east coast to the midlands. every fuel station I passed - and in 185 miles there were plenty - was either closed or had queues hundreds of yards long.

there might be plenty of fuel in the uk but there's no means of getting it to the user. there most definitely is a shortage.
It's the meeja innit. One or two filling stations run out of fuel - the press & TV report a shortage and the morons get spooked and go panic buying - thereby creating a shortage.
Beggars belief how folks are so stupid.
18.34 Think about it.
I thought that the army were stepping in to help.
No, I can’t be arrsed with your games
If the press hadnt reported it,
it wouldnt have happened.
Same as toilet rolls at the start.
A few people panic buying but once the media report it, everyone does it. Its basic survival mode mentality.
There wasnt an issue with toilet rolls (or parecetomol, pasta etc) in my home city for weeks until the local press made a meal of what was happening elswhere and then suddenly we couldnt get parecetomol, toilet rolls and pasta...
Same now with fuel.
I never panic bought then and I won’t panic buy now
Who is this mystery man Bobbie ?
Thick as a whale omelette

Great line...

© Blackadder, 'Duel & Duality' 1987

There no fuel shortages - but there IS a shortage of drivers to get the fuel to the petrol stations...which amounts to the same thing.

So forget the term 'panic-buying' and instead think of these people as being motorists who rely on their cars for work, or to get their kids to school or to deliver groceries to their elderly parents.

People need to clamber off their high horses and put the stirrups away.
There was no and is no fuel shortage but there will be because of the gullible idiots panic buying.
Remember, not all HGV drivers drive tankers, you also need a ADR license and not all HGV drivers have this, so even is we had a million HGV drivers it wouldn't make any difference.
//Remember, not all HGV drivers drive tankers, you also need a ADR //
Whats an ADR?

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Panic Buying Morons On The News Tonight Queuing To Top Up Their Fuel Tanks

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