Ooo I Bet The Aussies And Septics Are Bricking It!

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ToraToraTora | 12:14 Sat 18th Sep 2021 | News
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.....we don't want your diesel crates!


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//But French officials were even more incensed that they only heard about the arrangement just hours before the public announcement, and that it was part of a new security agreement involving three countries including the UK - also a complete surprise, they said.//

Think about that ... the French are having a hissy fit because we didn't tell them about our security plans. They really do not get it do they. How long will it take before they accept that we don't need their permission to look to our own future.
Cockney and a mangling of Spanish and French is not helpful.
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Will you for once in your life stop using the term "septics". I will willingly acknowledge that the country I was born has huge issues...but I find that term unnecessary and rude. At least, as far as I know, Aussie doesn't have the same connotations.
Sorry everybody, but it does my head in.
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bednobs: "You know that uk and france have been working together on nuclear weapons since 2010 right? " - yes, not sure why that's relevant though.
sorry i got myself in a muddle
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pasta, it's the standard rhyming slang term, not derogatory, Septic Tank - Yank.....geddit?
"your dirty diesel crates". It was the Australians who specified that the subs were to be diesel.
"we didn't tell them about our security plans" nothing to do with security plans - it's commerce.
"comprende vous" If you don't have a grasp of French grammar, it's probably best to stick to English - not that your grasp of English is much better.
yeah foo
they must be foo-ing it !
// If you don't have a grasp of French grammar,//

the set of subjects TTT ( bless!) does not grasp(*) may be MUCH larger than just French grammar !

(*) does not grasp, has not grasped, nay cannot grasp!
( thx to Chas Dickens - talking about his mum, the blacking factory and forgiveness)
// "your dirty diesel crates" //

mais non! zey are 'ybrids, n'est-ce-pas?
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ooo dear got a couple of live ones there!
One party pulling out of a signed deal would leave a nasty taste in anyone's mouth.

I am not privy to the details but I have a certain amount of sympathy for the French.
Haha ... "Nothing to do with security". The Chinese seem to think it is, and the Australians, and the Japanese and South Koreans(both very much in favour). Everybody "thinks it is about security" except France. They want it to be anything that allows them play the victim card again. We should send their Ambassador home and show solidarity with Australia and the US. Perhaps the Australians don't trust the French not to pass on technical spec and sonar profiles to the Chinese, in exchange for the Chinese giving them an easy time in Indo China and a deal to buy wine and cheese. Would you trust them? Me neither.
@12:59...yeh, I "geddit"...but I'm not convinced. Geddit??

I can remember the septic tank in my parents front garden being emptied many years ago. The association isn't a positive one.
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Togo, if we sent the French Ambassador home, they'd only retaliate by allowing boat loads of immigrants across the channel. Oh, wait..............
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Hi Mushie ! nice sunny morning to be making important er political points...

Cover your heads and mock not flesh and blood. With solemn reverence:

[ Reeshar zegond - shakky]

and comprehenday is sarvin forrin - that's clear enough !
I mean the froggie foo fooz should be speaking English innit?
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Ooo I Bet The Aussies And Septics Are Bricking It!

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