Step In The Right Direction..?

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ToraToraTora | 16:49 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | News
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just turn the kin thing off, it serves no purpose but to stifle recovery. It would have been great 18 months ago, now it's a hindrance.


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It's simply an additional encumbrance (as if there were not enough) to prevent people going about their daily business. Unless, of course, they offer me a free daily kebab and a taxi to the pub to "nudge" me into using it! :-)
I've never had the app, but yes, turn it off!

Well, what do you know? I've only been back in work an hour, and I've just been "pinged" again. I guess I'll have to have another week off. Tut. That's so disappointing but I'll have to go and sit at home now and watch the Olympics whist I'm isolating.
It is a world beating app. That cost us £37Miillion +.
The contract for which was awarded without tender to friends of Cummings who worked on the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign.

So it won’t be scrapped or turned off. Boris will never admit it was a waste of money and that tens of millions of pounds were paid to friends of the party for an app that is really junk.
After several months of false starts, Apps that didn’t work, and deadlines missed, the app whimpered out in October 2020, (6 months too late). Just a few weeks later the vaccines came on stream rendering the app mostly pointless. And the Government coffers £37Million Lighter.
But we have never had this before so it isa learning experience.
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gromit the app is fine we could have done with it 18 months ago. Not needed now.
So many people have got used to money for nothing they aren’t too keen on going back to how it was. For some the convenience being pinged enables another paid holiday.
"Turn the kin thing off",,,,,,, "Gromit the app is fine",,, Contrary Tora.?????
// the app is fine we could have done with it 18 months ago. //

That is what I said. It was disastrously too late, a rip off for the tax-payer, and dead on arrival.
David Small - you be surprised how many people wanted to get back to work.
... but are now grabbing a bit more time off on the strength of a 'ping'.
Some people like their jobs.
I am retired; however, after reading about this "ping" thing I'm relieved that the concept and use of it didn't "pong" its way across the Atlantic.
I am retired; however

I think there is a lot on AB that are retired, sanmac !
There are even those that claim to work , yet spend most of the day on here.
I never had the app to start with. What others do with it is entirey their business.
Not when your son has to stay home from work and does nothing but moaning.

Got it ?

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