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There is a lengthy explanation in the article
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Just words Barry, very sad for the families
It's happening because folk insist on taking stuff they shouldn't and then taking more until they die.
Unfortunately, there's nothing new about it. It happens in every major city.
Yes but a lot more in Scotland. Its odd because all the places we see in Scotland are so lovely and dont seem anything like towns in Wales or especially england

Why S W e?
simpleton- can't allways get the caps button to work.
Sorry "simple, roy..."
Nicola can not sort the drug abuse out until there is an independent Scotland.
Virgin Sturgeon prefers to put all her energies into getting a new IndyRef rather than solving Scotlands major drug problems.IndyRef2 over-rides all of Scotlands other problems.
The numbers in the article show that 77% of deaths were from benzodiazepines which are prescription drugs as far as I know but I stand to be corrected.

It doesn't say how many of those deaths were ruled to be accidental but mixing with alcohol can be fatal.

In any case it's not good - the USA has a similar problem with prescription opioids.
Benzos are prescription only but it's much easier to get them from your local drug dealer. This is from 2018

And from 2020 with particular reference to Scotland
Didn't know that Barry, and looking at the links you posted some are being manufactured illegally and others are being being smuggled out of the legitimate supply chain by pharmacists and wholesalers. Also patients who have been prescribed them are also selling them on.

Not a good state of affairs.
No show from the Scottish nats I see. A very selective lot is the pro-independence contributors.
I remember Valium being sold on the streets back in the 60s and 70s, it's nothing new.
Very sad that some posters are using these deaths for political points scoring.
Shameful in fact.
not surprised they're all on the steam tugs with the wee 'un running their country, probably welcome relief from the twice a day screenings of Braveheart!
Gromit, call it what you want, pretend to be outraged but independence is far more important to Nicola than some people dying from drug abuse.

That’s AB as we know it gromit:-(

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