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Blimey all knowing Lord Sumption is not having a good week.
He has got judge-itis - ability to speak with authority on any ground ( thx to Rumpole )
and today readers:
since he wdnt recant
The Beeb did it for him - 0657 - radio 4

yesterday Ld Sumption made certain statements which we are happy to correct on radio 4 the radio of truth and light folks

He said thousands hadnt died from covid -we are happy to confirm that over 120 000 have - these are death certificate certified. [
and we arent getting into the argument that one doctor has lied 120 000 times]

he further said flu = covid and no one need worry we are happy to say that covid is not flu and people die from it

he said they were dying from something else and it was wall paper. Only a few hundred had died from covid itself. The other causes of death are - hypertension, diabetes and lung dieases that do not make 100 000 drop dead within one year

he said they were gonna die anyway - people over 80 now have an actuarial survival of 5 and 10 y so dont drop dead within a 12 mo period

and there was some other icing, as I lay in bed and thought Golly!

The journo ended with:
well I really held him to account yesterday then, didnt I ?

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