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poor guy. My OH is also spleen-free but we were told that was no reason not to be vaccinated.
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no spleen - is a reason TO be vaccinated
oh lardy lardy
( + polyvalent pneumococcal vacca )
With his added vulnerability he was taking a big risk, sounds a smashing chap.

Well if the vaccines aren't safe in the long run ;then there are going to be billions of people who are going to be a tad unhappy
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The article says where it is Peter.
quite so, PP, I was just wondering if he'd been advised to the contrary; or maybe the spleen had nothing to do with it, he just didn't want the jabs.
can we leave posts on the safety grounds that say that

if people have reasons to be vaccinated ( immune suppressed, cancer, post op, etc) they really really must be sure they dont want it for their own good and others that they may infect

thank you - we are leaving posts that it is a totally free world and there is no predicable on-cost to not being vaccinated

what I am saying is - - deletion may damage the public health
I am not quite sure why splenectomy after an accident
seems to be a forbidden word .....
perhaps it is poly valent pneumococcal vaccine which is really getting under the editors skin

crazy - get vaccinated folks!
dont be like this guy!
I totally agree with the posts of PP and I think it highly unlikely that he was advised against vaccination due to previous splenectomy.
I would guess it was a personal decision.
That's the way I read it too, he had his concerns, so sad they led to this.
My heart goes out to all the health care workers who have heard these same last words so many times before.
Surely the fact that his apparent last word were “I wish I had” imply that he was offered the vaccine but refused it?

//Barratt, who previously had his spleen removed following a motorcycle accident, did not take up the invitation to get vaccinated.//
> Well if the vaccines aren't safe in the long run ;then there are going to be billions of people who are going to be a tad unhappy

I heard a good analogy on the radio today: most people who die in road accidents are wearing seat belts.

Does that mean you shouldn't wear a seatbelt? No, definitely not.

Likewise, as most of the adult population is now vaccinated, most adults who die of Covid may be vaccinated. Does not mean that the vaccine does not work.
I a. Double vaccinated, and was very glad I got them.
But I feel we are being denied information about who is now contracting the virus.
In the last 7 days, a quarter of a million people got Covid. Are these all kids I doubt it.
So how many double vaccinated have caught covid?
The do not want to tell us, but I think we should be told.
Gromit; you sound like that Private Eye character, now!
Private Eye occasionally buy my cartoons - but I am not which PE character you mean. Dave Spart, or the Number Cruncher ?

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