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Prince Harry To Write Memoir...

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Mozz71 | 18:51 Mon 19th Jul 2021 | News
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...let the hate begin...


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Oh please enough already. Just go away. Not you Mozz…
"let the hate begin" What a twisted mind you must have Mozz .
Question Author
Why's that Gully? Are you suggesting that the mere mention of Mr Windsor doesn't trigger a large number of our AB contingent?
That's unlike you Mozz.

I'm writing mine but won't publicise it on here.
So, to be fair Mozz, you are stirring !!
Question Author
Shirley, I'm dangling a carrot, I admit, but I'll still be interested to see the reaction.
Well, as long as you don't start berating the abers who can't stand him just because you refer to it as 'hate' !
Fabulous. Sure to be a film to follow. Could be a Xmas special .
Oh my God, I'm going to have a Duchess of a Migraine.
He's gone a bit weird since he got married.
so he can write ? - joined up that is! - - - ter daah !

(thx to HarryPotter, an ad lib apparently thingey Malfoy about Crabbe who must be out of the slammer ( the real one that is!) by now for selling drugs)

yeah foo - prisoner but not at Asbakhan !
Question Author
Shirley, nah they can say what they like. I can't complain if people take the bait. I'm mischievous, but not quite that hypocritical (although I'm sure some would disagree).
and a film - yeah foo again
Lilibet deearnna walking away with the best speech/script award because she said more than three words of sense in a row
ter daah !
I'll wait for Prince Andrew's - thx.
Question Author
Now, that would be an interesting one Dave, if he told the truth that is.
May I offer a totally predictable response? This memoir is of no more interest to me than that of any other person whose life is of no interest to me.

Only one thing would change my mind, that being if it led to the dissolution of the monarchy, even slightly. Then I'd definitely buy it, maybe more than once.
Apparently, it's about 'the man he has become' !! Ye Gods ....
Mozz - you really want to read about the 'History of Pizzas in Woking - 1960 to 2020'??? Me thinks not and he's probably had to draft in ex-Mrs. Toesucker to spell for him, words like 'Virgin Giuffre' and 'Koo, I'm-Naked Stark'.
19.21 Do you mean Mozz or Harry ?.

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Prince Harry To Write Memoir...

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