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“ El Chiringuito, famed for their infamous post-match rants”

So I wouldn’t get too worked up …
Question Author
Takes more than that to get me worked up.
He supports Spain, is entitled to his opinion. Take no notice if you disagree with him .
how did it happen that Wembley got the last three games? Are these tournaments always arranged that way? (Serious question.)
the fixtures and venues were done in advance. Nobody knew who would end up qualifying and where they would be playing after the league stage.
Usually one country (or two) hosts.
But this was a “special” event.
UEFA like Wembley as a venue it would seem so decided the latter stages would be there.

In fact this is largely how the European Championship used to be staged: there were no groups after the qualifying stages, but the semis and final were played in one country.
That’s probably one reason England had never won a knockout game on neutral territory : there didn’t used to be many until 1984, when it became a 16 team event with quarter finals etc
thanks, ichkeria. I thought it made sense to stage matches all over Europe (which isn't such a big place) but was surprised at least one of the semis didn't go elsewhere. It's helped England, but that's fortuitous.
It did seem a bit questionable that England got to play their round of 16 game at Wembley. One venue (Dublin) withdrew leaving only 11. So one host got two of the 12 last 16/last 8 games
I was thinking of the enormous amount of money that must have been saved by fans not having to trek across the continent.

Generally I don’t like the idea: it’s better when the games aren’t so spread out. And going to Baku was outrageous IMO
Remarkable that "how advantage" only has an effect when England appear to benefit from it. 1966 and 2021 for instance. It was not mentioned when we had tournaments here and did poorly mind. Uruguay 1930, Italy 1934 & 1968, Spain 1964, Germany 1974, Argentina 1978, France 1984 & 1998. All winning teams that hosted the tournaments. The peevish and churlish will have to get over themselves.

P.S. Our best performance has been 4-0 against Ukraine ... in Rome.
I was very forthright about it in 1930.
Yeah, but you didn't have t'internet then.
England didn’t deign to enter the WC until 1950.
Argentina 1978 was the one obvious occasion I can think of when it wouldn’t surprise me if something dodgy had been going on.
But they were a top side.
Just not as good as the Netherlands :-)
Actually home advantage hasn’t really counted for much in recent years and I’m not altogether sure it’s helping England all that much.
“ It was not mentioned when we had tournaments here”

Probably because 1966 and 1996 are the only two ;-)
Italy love Wembley almost as much as England. They are unbeaten in their last five visits since 1977 when England beat them 2-0 in a WC qualifier.
let's see if either side can achieve a reverse 2½ somersault with 2½ twists.
A German supporting the Italians, eh ...
The President of the EC is supporting an EU team in the final.
Only the Express, and its readers would find that surprising.
Italy love Wembley almost as much as England

I heard the same about Germany. Of course neither team may have experienced it in the full glare of travelling green spotlights.

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