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Why Are M Ps So Keen To Give Money To Foreign Despots?

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ToraToraTora | 11:07 Thu 03rd Jun 2021 | News
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There has been teenzy bit of a crisis here, should we be giving away dosh when it is needed at home? I hope the PM is severe with anyone defying the whip on this.


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Have poorer countries not also been having a "teenzy bit of a crisis"?
We should stop regular payments of foreign aid in favour of setting up a central emergency fund to be used wherever it’s needed. It’s ludicrous to give money to countries that are funding space programmes, etc., whilst their people are suffering. Our money won’t stop the suffering and neither will those governments - regardless of how much they receive from abroad.
Foreign despots?
Oh goody, I like this one.
Dam savages
The Conservatives have an 80 seat majority but there is a real prospect of the Government losing the vote.
That is a good indication they are wrong.
Indeed. It’s actually embarrassing
Haha! The losing side wrong? Nooo! Can’t be!
Why should I pay tax to save the lives of starving babies ?
Of course sadly there was no vote allowed on the original Bill and there’s no guarantee a vote will be allowed on the amendment.
It’s particularly mean given the contribution is a percentage not a fixed amount and will therefore fall if the economy shrinks anyway.
And of course it was an election promise but then we all know ...
I would be happy with foreign aid if it always went to the needy but, quite, often it goes into the pockets of that countries corrupt leaders and politicians.Those countries receiving foreign aid should be made to prove that the money has gone to where it was intended.
"often it goes into the pockets of that countries corrupt leaders and politicians."

Bit like the UK then
Pug//Bit like the UK then//
What a crass comment.There is no comparison.
To have to spend a fixed percentage of GDP every year no matter what is ridiculous. We end up throwing money at any old pointless foreign project just to make sure we spend it all. It should be as and when needed.
Dave//It should be as and when needed.//
Totally agree.
these rebel mp's do thye not care that it's tax payers money and not there own to throw at foreign money pits, have a public vote on it
i know how people will vote on it, charity begins at home, how much
has the covid virus cost the uk so far, we borrow money to give money away to foreign bloody aide vanity projects, india space program springs to mind... and we have to give contraceptives to the worlds poor as well, n'dugu walks 50miles a day for a cup of water mmm..
//Why Are M Ps So Keen To Give Money To Foreign Despots?//

The agreement is ... you give us the dosh disguised as Forrin Aid when you are in charge. When the voters kick you out we will have a few £squillion tucked away in a secret account for you and your family. They are all a bunch of thieving gits.
Money and integrity are very seldom bedfellows for very long.

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Why Are M Ps So Keen To Give Money To Foreign Despots?

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