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OK, Next.
Come on he is 25 and knows everything!
Seriously though this could become a real problem in the near future. There will be plenty of numbskulls like him around, hopefully most wont be able to afford the tech just yet.

//OK, Next.//

Guess you are not bothered if someone like this runs into you then?
Question Author
what I can't fathom is how he got into the back seat! I mean surely you have to start the car off in the drivers seat, what then? he climbed into the back once it was going? Now I do know that you can do some functions via phone app but drive the car from the back seat?
He might feel safer sitting in the back seat but what about all the other road users
It should have a safety mechanism that wont allow the car to move if someone is not in the drivers seat. Easy enough to do as it already detects for no seat belts if a seat is occupied.

Question Author
....and they should stop calling it autopilot, thick people seem to think that means self driving.
Yup, it's driver assistance.

I'm not sure it's Tesla's fault though. They do say it is not driverless control.
TTT. in part you can blame the BBC for that.
Question Author
No I don't blame Tesla they make it clear that it's not self driving but that's not enough for eejits like this one.
Question Author
danny, I blame the whole tech periphery for going overboard on what is currently not possible. Self driving cars are a long way off, if ever. I am certain the backroom techies who do the programming know this and will have warned their companies etc. Sadly then the suits and salesmen take over and that message is lost. The tech groupies who give the impression they have a clue then get all over it and before you know it it's out there, driverless cars, and the eejits with even less knowledge believe it. They confuse driver assistance with driver replacement.
How long before we have the Motorway Back Seat Driverless Club, a-la-Mile High Club?

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Do you know the answer?

Another World Class Moron........

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