What Is Ms Rayner Going To Do When She Meets Gove?

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youngmafbog | 09:13 Wed 19th May 2021 | News
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Got absolutely annihilated by Penny Mordaunt yesterday.

What on earth was SKS and the labour Party thinking? And there is rumour they want her as leader!

Personally I am getting really fed up with labour, they need to either get their act together and hold the Government to account or disband and make way for a Party that can.


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I have just watched this! Hilarious! What a put down. Angela Rayner covered her face with her mask halfway through! Trying to hide her embarrassment. Sir Keir may regret promoting her.
Wash her hands thoroughly afterwards, shuddering all the while.
SKS has just kept his job, Angela Rayner was well and truly skewered by Penny Mordaunt, good for her.
A world class put-down.
yes she was...
Angela is way out of her depth. Despite hiding behind the mask she was visibly swallowing in embarrassment.
Brutal! well done Penny!
Rayner looks like she took a knife to a gun fight! Way out of her depth!
I watched it last night, just brilliant.
TBF though she's no worse than the rest of the labour front bench, it's like Liverpool v Accrington Stanley out there at the moment. Boris can thrash them at will with the reserves, doesn't need the first team. Anyone seen Gully?
don't get him involved...^^
If you haven't seen Mordaunt's maiden speech you should.
It was a strange encounter.

Gove had chickened out and sent Mordaunt. The Tories sensing a difficult battle had packed their side with rowdy backbenchers. Labour was not arsed and hardly any came to support Rayner.
Nevermind, Angela had loads of ammo and took aim and fired all guns blazing. And Penny refused to be shot. Asked about Boris freebie to Mustique, she answered a completely different question.
What about PPE contracts going to Minister’s mates and Tory donors, Rayner asked. Again, the question was ignored and Mordaunt said the Government had been working very hard (no one had said they hadn’t).

So it was a bit of a damp squib. Not sure it was entirely Rayners fault. The Tories faced a lot of difficult questions and they dealt with them by refusing to answer anything.
Sunk, you miust have watched a different encounter to the one in the link.
I think sunk had his 1974 Labour red tinted specs on!
Crayons was the future of the Labour Party.
I'll say it again, Labour won't be the opposition party in, certainly, 20 years, probably less.
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Well I for one hope that is the case Spice.

It does no one any good to have a one Party State.
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//So it was a bit of a damp squib//

Did you watch it? Ms Rayner was ravaged.

// Not sure it was entirely Rayners fault. //

Really, did someone else write it for her?

//The Tories faced a lot of difficult questions and they dealt with them by refusing to answer anything.//

That is what Politicians of all colours do, including labour. Ms Rayner should have anticipated that and the fact someone was likely to pick up on her excessive expenses leaving an own goal. But she is an ill educated gob on a stick and it stuck out a country mile.

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