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wrong category perhaps -

but this is very good news for once.
stop it! it's hurting!
though I suggest you ask the ED to move this to news
A party leader called Starmer
Created a bit of a drama
He got thrown from a Pub
Then Banned from a club
And got hammered by Boris, that’s Karma!
That was a quick move...
rare to see danny asking a crossword question :-)
now now, calm down, its still early days, lets see what happens if Boris renegs on his lockdown promises
When I first saw it in Crosswords I though that can't be right because Starmer is Clueless! Boom Boom!
Question Author
I'll be surprised if Andy Burnham does'nt make a bid for the leadership.
They need to do something the khazi isn't deep enough at the moment! I think a David Lammy/Diane Abacus dream team is the answer.
it's a poisoned chalice whoever takes it on
it shouldn't be a poisoned chalice though, but they will keep electing these duff leaders. Starmer seems beyond redemption, his monotone style doesn't suit the cut and thust of modern day politics. Perhaps if Andy Burnham threw his hat in the ring, that might make a bit of a difference.
I wonder if he'll jump before he's pushed? Either way I think his tenure will be short lived. His fifteen minutes of fame is nearing its end.
i believe you are right Naomi.
I actually feel a bit foe Sir Kier.

He is stuck between a rock and a hard place, the man is certainly intelligent enough to know what is wrong but he cant do anything about it. Perfect example was trying to get rid of the gob on a stick - he is immediately pushed into giving it another 'prime' role. Just how anyone would think that she could do well against Gove (and I dislike him too!) is beyond me.

If I was Burnham I would sit it out a while, labour are nbot going to sort themselves out any time soon, no leader could bring them together at the moment far too many parties within the party.

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Keir Starmer

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