No End To Naivete

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Canary42 | 15:01 Fri 14th May 2021 | News
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This guy's so unworldly - did he really believe there would be less paparazzi attention across the pond.


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i really think he believed that by moving across to America he would be safe from prying eyes. which is just not possible. He is news where ever he goes, and his family alas are fair game where the Papparazzi are concerned. I pity him, for he will get no peace unless he reconciles himself to the face that the public are interested in him because of his status as royalty.
He, they want to be in the news on their terms. Oprah is ok as is the pre arranged photo shoot in the cemetery or the back view of Archie on his birthday or photo of the two of them. They could have arranged a photo of Archie going to school as did his brother for George and Charlotte. How did the press find out the name of the school or the date he went
He constantly draws attention to himself and his wife by making controversial statements that he must surely know will only stir up interest in his lifestylem his experience, and his beliefs. If he wants to be left alone, instead of courting publicity and constant pleas for understanding, he and his wife could try maintaining a discreet silence and avoiding media coverage. I don't think it is reasonable for him to use media publicity for his own purposes, and then complain when they want more.
Leave the poor sod alone for goodness sake.
interview with celebs don't help, his one with Oprah is now infamous. as was his one with James Corden.
for once I'm, with canary on this!
the fella is like his mum innit
Princess Di - she thought she could turn paparazzi on and off as needed for her ends

" Prince spurns pre3ss in long interview " shock
"No End To Naivete" - well you are the master me old china!
I have said many times, but it bears repeating -

This is a battle that Harry is never going to win, and until he ackowledges that, and steps away, he is always going to be miserable.

His naivity is immense, not least because he seriously believes that if he tells 'his truth' as he pointless puts it, often enough, everyone in the media, and the world they serve, is going to understand and sympathise with his 'plight'.

What he singularly fails to grasp is that he only has a public voice at all is an accident of birth that has given him a life of rare privelidge, for which he is singularly ungrateful.

Sympathy from a world with less of almost everything that he has - manners and appreciation notwithstanding - is never ever going to be on the cards, and he needs to appreciate that.

Anything, absolutely anything he says that hints at moaning about his status and position is only ever going to come across as graceless whinging, which it absolutely is, and it will simply alientate whatever relaiming symtpahy he has left over from the tragic loss of his mother.

Until Harry either accepts that he is royal, and embraces the courtesy and humilty that such a status demands, or becomes a commoner, whereupon all interest in his endless woke ramblings will cease overnight, he will remain in this turgid no-man's land of courting a media which must tire of his endless complaints and self-serving piffle.

He needs to develop the maturity to accept the two paths open to him, pick one, and live with it.

The rest of the world don;t get two paths, they get one, and they live their lives as best they can.

Supporting and feeling sorry for an immature ill-mannered pampered fool is an attitude that has a limited life - and the end of that life is coming up really fast.

Wake up and grow up Harry - the clock is ticking ...
Prince Harry has sparked yet another controversy this week by criticising the United States’ constitutional right to free speech, the First Amendment, saying he doesn’t understand it and calling it “bonkers”, thereby contradicting his wife’s claim that intrusive press, such as that in the UK, doesn’t exist in the US.

Dig on Harry!
Self-entitled plonker !
From Canary's link and out of the mouth of Harry came this little belter.

The prince warned that “in today’s world, with misinformation just endemic,” people have “got to be careful about what comes out of your mouth.” Singling Rogan out by name, he said celebrities should just “stay out of it” and not say anything at all if they don’t have anything useful to say.
^You really couldn't make it up.
someone with his interests at heart should take his spade off him
i still feel somewhat sorry for him, he's certainly lost his way.
He has lost his way emmie. Just lately, I've been thinking he really does need some type of therapy. In fact I wonder if he knows what he does want in life.
He needs a shift in the concrete gang.
he's estranged from the only family he's known, lost his mother to a terrible car accident, and now married to a woman who has caused him to move away. I should say he's lost and more or less alone.
Should have pulled the Oprah interview whilst his Grandfather was in hospital and now ought to wait for him to at least go cold before spouting off about the family again.
He appears to be his wife’s puppet and will look silly coming back here and trying to build bridges when it all goes awry.
Leaves the uk to escape the intrusion into his privacy but is constantly courting the media whilst making himself look more foolish
Some folk are destined to wallow, nothing's ever good enough.

Our hero is one of those people.

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No End To Naivete

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