Illegal Immigrants Facing Deportation

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Chinajan | 11:28 Sun 28th Mar 2021 | News
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British expats in Spain who have failed to register as residents face deportation due to Brexit.

[register as resident = liable for tax]


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err EU
Well, Brits who lived in Spain illegally now will have to become legal, apply for residency , prove they can support themselves and have medical insurance. Spain respects all who had their documents in order prior to Dec 31st. 2020, all we have to do ( actually this is voluntary as at the moment our old residency/work permits are accepted and respected) is present a few easily obtained documents to the Foreign department in each town and in 45 days we will receive our new TIE. But I'm afraid all the Brit cowboys may have a problem provong they can support themselves as they no doubt have never paid taxes or ss.
How very noble of you.
//I don’t think you can claim that I have miss-quoted you based on that.//

What followed after "undoubtedly a few"?

And, of course, the rest of my post makes it clear that all the disadvantages are not of equal weight. However, none of this much matters because we've left and that, I'm pleased to say, is that.
@13.05.Err,no...didnt you read what i wrote?
hymie: "I could write a book on the advantages of being within the EU" - funny then that during the 2016 campaign that no one ever told me a single reason to remain. All we had was project fear etc. In the 5 years since the vote I rarely get a positive reason from even the most ardent of remoaners. They always seem to concentrate on the negative. So hymie please write the book I'd love to read it.
"Well, Brits who lived in Spain illegally now will have to become legal, apply for residency , prove they can support themselves and have medical insurance." - quite right, nowt wrong with that.
Nowt wrong for those who did it by the deadline.
Indeed. And if Spain was not a member of the EU it could insist on those conditions applying to all the waifs, strays and ne'eredowells that land on its doorstep from the other EU nations.
Will the returning tax dodgers need to quarantine when they get back, or prove that they are covid free? I hope they don't make TVI come back to the UK.
-- answer removed --
.... they'll be wanting the vote next!
> Nobody expected the Spanish deportation

Shame you can't give yourself BA for that, Chinajan ...
Leaving the EU ought not prevent someone from living on the continent, but they need to ensure they register and get the "ok". One makes choices in life as to what one is prepared to give in order to live as they desire.
Despite the strange posts from earlier, let's be honest here. Leaving the EU was vital, and not only a good idea, it was one that could only have been bettered by never joining the federal block, posing as a trade block, in the first place. If nations still in the EU then wish to be awkward and sling folk out, that's their perogative. Although they may wish to consider that what is sauce for the goose could conceivably be consider sauce for the gander too. The exit is still in transition towards a new status quo; countries should consider what they would like that new relationship to be. (Apparently it involves claiming they are commandeering another's vaccines to cover their own incompetence, amongst other threats.)
Just a brief answer. It's the right thing to do, in my opinion.
So why didn't they register?
And my expat friends in Spain have no problem with it.
Anyway, we require 'foreign' nationals to clear paperwork in order to work, have extended stays, claim benefits and so on. So the Spanish are only doing the same as we did when we were members of the EU.
And the UK has given "settled" status to over 4 million EU nationals apparently. Are we mugs or what?

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Illegal Immigrants Facing Deportation

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