6 Pm Curfew For Men?

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Bobbisox1 | 10:35 Fri 12th Mar 2021 | News
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I do not agree ! it's making all men like the monster who killed Sarah Everard, I'm saddened by her death and many before her but a curfew for ALL men? I don't go out by myself at night but someone also suggested women should stay in, I'm really not sure what the answer is

What do you think?


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that someone has already posted same bobbi.
i think the plans deeply flawed, and unworkable, women get assaulted, murdered often by a partner/husband. I can't see this happening any day soon.
Its sad that so many people are politicizing this dreadful death. Someone on LBC was drawing parallels to BLM and saying just as its wrong in there view to say all lives matter its wrong to say most men arent violent as that distracts from the real issue (which a dont get). Someone allso drew parallells with treatment of BAME and women and then said poor Megan's experiances highlight the mistreatment of BAME and women in are culture.
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I'll try again, sorry DD I didn't see your thread on this topic , maybe the ED will remove this one ?

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