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KARL | 12:03 Fri 12th Mar 2021 | News
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In my post I mentioned I had seen the same diagram/map (UK still not included of course) in a slightly different colour scheme (green for the Covid light/free areas) - here it is as an update on the former one
This is then updated every two weeks - right now a marked improvement appears in large parts of Europe. For info/interest.


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Are you allso going to tell us of improvements in UK?

//(UK still not included of course)// Not sure if your making a point but as UK isnt in EU we cant expect to be in there stats
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As I said in the original post, the UK is not included (for obvious reasons) but (if you care to look back) I also implied that a comparison would be interesting, although I don't know where/if the relevant data is readily/publicly available. I find this sort of thing (the info contained in the diagrams/maps) interesting and maybe others feel the same way, hence I posted the two. Now that I have posted the links there is no need to do so again. Those who don't want to know anything, UK or foreign info, need not bother themselves to look at what is available.
are you giving us info
por asking for it

Johns Hopkins has a huge site devoted to world covid figures

comparing deaths in Aswan where I was in practice by the way with deaths in Stoke on Trent ( where I didnt) always struck me as rather pointless

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Oh for heaven's sake - I have only just noticed that I messed up the link to the diageam/map I was trying to share. Here it is:

Apologies for the error.

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Covid Statistics Ii

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