Mcafee, Good To See

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Paigntonian | 17:54 Thu 11th Mar 2021 | News
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that the boss is up for fraud in the U.S. Their antivirus protection blurb has plagued me for months with endless pop-ups.


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me too, i get them 10 times a day.
Just because their boss is up on fraud charges doesnt make their anti-virus products any less viable.I have been using McAfee for 12 years now and no problems since.£65 a year is peanuts for virus protection.
^£65 p.a.....that's why he's up for fraud!
^ynna' - I agree, I've used it free as part of my BT package for years, have never seen a pop-up & am very happy with its protection.
@17.34.Am i being overcharged?Whats the going price for anti-virus protection nowadays?I pay by direct-debit and it was £65 last year,so perhaps i am being defrauded :-(
That is expensive! The free AVista is just as good.
Nah,im old fashioned,Shazz,i will stick by McAfee....for now...
>>> Mcafee, Good To See . . . that the boss is up for fraud in the U.S

Er, no.

John McAfee left the company that bears his name over a quarter of a century ago, in 1994.
Well when you get people not posting links to their posts ...
i use the Microsoft package, its free, and gives all round protection, before that i used kaspersky, but last time i couldn't get it to work

by the way you are being well overcharged at 65 quid, most i paid was 20 for full anti virus, protection
all that i can find

What was John McAfee indicted for?
Anti-virus software mogul John McAfee has been indicted on fraud and money laundering charges in New York, adding to his already significant legal woes. Mr McAfee, 75, was arrested for tax evasion in Spain last October and is awa
would touch their she ite antiV software with a bargepole, first thing I do is purge it out of any machine I have.
i can't find a way to stop the popups.
I've yet to come across AV software, free or otherwise, that is not irritating to some degree. What they do to protect your system is almost inevitable going to have some sort of detrimental effect on its performance. It just depends what yuou regard as the greater evil.
The built-in Windows protection is probably the least obviously "intrusive". It probably won't protect your PC etc as thoroughly as something you pay for, but for many people that might not be an issue.
i went on Chris recommendations that the current Microsoft package was good, as i paid for Kaspersky but couldn't get it to work for some reason, so far so good.
It is good.
I must admit, Kaspersky is the one I wouldn't touch :-)
never used it / never got any ads for it.
i had used kaspersky for years, had no issues, but the last package that i bought for about 18 quid, wouldn't load onto my old laptop, no idea why. sso scrapped that and bought a new laptop
If it is good enough for Lie-in King(who seems to be the most intelligent poster on this site,not that he/she has much opposition to be honest)then it is good enough for me.
i wouldn't contemplate paying 65 quid for anti virus protection. its way too much.

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Mcafee, Good To See

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