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barney15c | 20:25 Fri 26th Feb 2021 | News
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Isn't it odd, that a minesterial code is supposed to provide clarity to standards in public life, yet in England ( the priti Patel bullying incident) and in Scotland (salmond and sturgeon) no one can decide if its been broken or not... Very odd.


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They're politicians. Of course they aren't going to admit they did anything wrong.
Quantitative facts are quantitative facts but still open to manipulation/interpretation.

Qualitative facts - it's expected that they will be manipulated/re-interpreted. It's par for the course, be the audience political, press or even AB commentators.
i was prepared to let Prittis kicking white arriss go - Mandarins need a good kicking
Salmond - as on other threads I found gob smacking

partly I suppose because I have been involved in weak imitations of the actions ten years ago - council leaders interfering in complaints ( nothing happened ) or senior staff investigating complaints whilst grossly conflicted ( heaved out)

"Nothing happened" - would you believe he did it again? Yes of course I would, nothing happened the first time round !

From Lord Hopes performance on R4 this morning - thought for the day from Lord No-hope - it looks as tho a whole raft of people got an attack of the vapours and didnt do anything because they were all so fraughtie-pooze.
and really SHOULD have known better !
One of the Civil Service unions is seeking a judicial review regarding Priti Patel and in Scotland, the actions of the First Minister are being investigated still.
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And all will come to nowt.
// , the actions of the First Minister are being investigated still.//

now with any great enthusiasm

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