Dear, Fragile Prince Harry

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Paigntonian | 20:29 Fri 26th Feb 2021 | News
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Says the British tabloids 'destroyed' his mental health. Doesn't mention the wife. Ergo he was, or is, mentally ill.


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I can see where he's coming from, if you'd seen your own Mum pursued mercilessly by the press daily, I think it just might have an effect on you
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Bobbi. No-one attacked the queen and criticism of Megan and Harry were so mild as to be utterly unmemorable.
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Bobbi: Sorry, I meant Diana and, sad to say, she was no saint.
Meghan knew exactly what she was after from the start, and that wasn't to be a working royal in the UK. She made a bee-line for Harry, and like many weaker males, he didn't stand a chance. First thing to do is get pregnant, and the then you are well and truely in. IMHO.
not to them, clearly.
Yes he must have been mentally ill. So what?
Cue a long list of people moaning that if they want to just disappear, they should keep a low profile (while at the same time giving them a higher profile by talking about them)
goodness what a nasty thread
Bobbi, I suppose you are aware that Harry's mum wasnt the Queen?
I added the link so what he said in interview could be put in context.
Where did I say his mum was the queen ?
His Mum Diana was pursued by the press so it would have had a lasting effect on him
// if you'd seen your own Mum pursued mercilessly by the press daily, //

er dont you mean if you'd seen your own Mum pursue the press relentlessly - you might well do different - yes I wd
I very much sympathise with Prince Harry, especially given the way he was himself a victim of the media himself because of the way Diana had the love/hate relationship with the press who have to bear some responsibility in her death. However, whether seeking a private life in America whilst simultaneously appearing on TV shows with the likes of James Corden and Oprah Winfrey is going to work out well, I suppose time will tell.
I bet Ms Winfrey is spitting feathers now :0)
// goodness what a nasty thread//
you have never heard such botching since you were in the mens changing room at your local hospital !
Dear fragile prince harry has brought s lot of stuff on himself.
He’s not the only person in the world who’s had very awful things happen, and whilst I appreciate he’s fairly high profile (partly, or even mainly due to his own fault)he just needs to get over it which ever way works for him.
I don’t think he’s mentally ill, I think he’s easily led and completely besotted with Megan, who is doing him no favours.
I’m getting/have got totally fed up with him and his moaning.
for all the attention Harry and Meg don't want - there has been plenty of wanting attention from them

do think that when they left UK for good - they should remain quiet .

as somebody said on here - if Harry was just a regular bloke down the street - there's no way Meg would have pursued him.

I do think when they "settle" - Harry will want home.

Every single one of my friends who emigrated - Australia, America, South Africa, Saudi Arabia - all suffered from home sickness and only their children are born in those countries - they would be home like a shot ie Northern Ireland.
Runaway formerly called prince admits to being mentally unfit to hold positions of responsibility and status.
“goodness what a nasty thread”

Isn’t it just.
Glad it’s not just me :-)

Easy to be critical if you’ve never been in the firing line and in the awkward position of having to be careful how you respond.
What always makes me smile is that the very people who claim they should stay out of the limelight and be quiet are the first to start a thread the minute either of them squeaks a word.
As someone who suffers from mental health issue, I find your callous attitude to mental illness is a sad reflection on you.
I am unable to work due to my illness.

Harry is just trying to get on with his life the best he can.

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Dear, Fragile Prince Harry

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