Reassuring News Re Vaccinres

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Apc2604 | 11:19 Mon 22nd Feb 2021 | News
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good news indeed, now lets see what Boris has to say later...
The Beeb earlier were really reluctant to salute the results.
I am not sure why

I wondered if the achievement cd not be ascribed to good marxist principles ( from the workers by the workers on a soviets say so) and so must in all fairness be ignored

the draw back is that the fluffy sociologists at the Beeb dont understand viruses and vaccination and are only just aware of buggy fings ( which may of course be Good or Bad)

They still enthusiastically discuss whether vacca will convert everyone to carrier status - but I dont understand where the idea has come from ( as in doesnt occur and is known not to occur in vaccination of plague, tularaemia, typhoid, cholera, parathyphoid, diptheria, pertussis, polio ( one case 1959) TB measles mumps nor rubella, chickenpox )

and anyway can now be tested - we have done 14m so you can do a segment say 10 000 and see if the prevalence is greater than the unvacca population - and if it is - - vaccination leads to carrier status. It doesnt

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Reassuring News Re Vaccinres

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