Being Offensive Is An Offence.....

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mushroom25 | 16:18 Mon 22nd Feb 2021 | News
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.......or is it?

a case of the police attempting to exceed their remit?


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What a storm in a teacup.
talk about getting in a muddle....
Nice of them to inoffensively apologise.
what happened to nicking villains? gawd help us!
Indeed. I should have thought the four officers guarding the advertisement had better things to do. This is especially since (so we are told) they are rushed off their feet enforcing (sometimes unlawfully) Covid regulations.

What I find offensive is that I am paying for this claptrap.
And that cop third from the left is going to enforce the new policy in the style of Theodore Roosevelt: "Talk softly (but) carry a big stick.":)
The second from the left appears to be downright embarrassed to be there.
And, going by his cap, the one with the big stick is of either Superintendent or Chief Superintendent rank (cannot see his epaulette clearly enough to distinguish). Quite frankly it's a disgrace that he should be spending his time there at all, even if the placard was factually correct.
Whatever you think of the, police are there to perform difficult and unpopular tasks.
Apologising is unnecessary, pointless and more importantly, demeaning.
Hate eh? Much overused.

That poster stuff doesn't come cheap either.
offence can never be given, only taken
In this achingly right-on world we now live in, it is only ever a matter of time before the woke brigade disappear up their own fundament with their ludicrously self-obsessed guff.

What a shame someone somehow managed to ensnare the police in this rampant stupidity - they need all the positive PR they can get, and this is clearly not helping.
//Apologising is unnecessary, pointless and more importantly, demeaning.//

Not if you got it wrong and intend to learn from the fact that you got it wrong. An apology is only demeaning if you do not really mean it and are forced to do it. In my view it is a sign of strength if you offer it unequivocally because you realise you have cocked up and intend to do something about it.
Sqad - // Apologising is unnecessary, pointless and more importantly, demeaning. //

Personally, I think it's the exact opposite of all of those.

Being willing to apologise shows an acceptance that you have said or done something wrong, and respect the other person sufficiently to wish to make amends for your error.
It's an obviously incorrect statement. It's a shame no-one pointed that out before they paid to have that big sign made.
Everything has the capacity to offend someone - particularly those who relish being offended.

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Being Offensive Is An Offence.....

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