How To Get A Privileged Life On The State.....

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ToraToraTora | 12:29 Thu 04th Feb 2021 | News
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Just torture and murder a vulnerable woman and the state will protect you forever. Damn savages should never see the light of day again but they'll be out in 2031, free and anonymous and paid for by the state. Wonderful.


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I'm hoisting my skirts up and running off to pastures new, or new threads.
Defending myself is so laborious.
Sometimes can't be bothered.
BTW, I do think capital punishment is appropriate on occasions. But only with evil people, rather than insane, troubled, vulnerable... choose your favourite word.
That's the issue with capital punishment Pixie, there will be calls to demand it on every occasion. I'm sure some would be happily demanding it for these two, despite their ages at the time.
I'm sure.... but there are also occasions it is the only real answer. And two people with mental health issues, wouldn't be considered.
Theland - // Don't waffle on about me being evasive, it only confirms the negative aspects of your persona. //

Don't be evasive then!!!

BTW, I have no 'persona', that's your imagination in action again.
Mozz - // AH//It's an interesting cultural attitude that we now have as a society - that people who are judged to have mental issues are inevitably seen as using those issues in order to escape responsibility for their actions.//

I didn't say it was an excuse for the girls' behaviour, I meant that it will be seen that the authorities are crying "Mental illness" to cover for any controversial decisions they make in sentencing or prisoner care. //

I was careful to refer to 'society's attitudes to be clear that I was not suggesting that it was a view you held personally - clearly you do not.

I don't honestly believe that the authorities use the notion of 'mental illness' to cover themselves in the even of any future events - I believe that the exploration of mental issues in order to attempt to explain behaviour is a complex process, and is only used as a reason for directing treatment rather than incarceration, when exhaustive tests have been completed by several highly qualified professionals who will agree that an element of mental incapacity is evident.
jennyjoan - // No they are termed mental now but they weren't then. //

You have no way whatsoever of knowing their mental state at the time the crime was committed.

// They knew what they were doing. //

You have no way of knowing that either.

// Oh Woe is me, I had a terrible past life and that justifies the murder. //

I don't believe that anyone is ever given an opportunity to offer mental health issues as 'justification' for any crime, including murder.

A contributing factor - possibly - a 'justification' - never.
I agree entirely with that Andy, but sadly, as you said, to many people dismiss mental health problems as a fallacy. Clearly those who have never experienced it for themselves.
Spot on jj^^^.
andres - // Spot on jj^^^. //

I would beg to differ, for reasons set out in my post at 20:44.
so they are in the slammer, crazy and given identities so they dont get stabbed, burnt etc

and they are 'living the life of luxury' - - righto!

this must be AB on a thursday night with quiet Covid news.....I dont even have to look
Well, JJ certainly proved my point about people's attitudes to mental health.

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How To Get A Privileged Life On The State.....

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