Baffled About Suicide Bombings (Middle East Today)

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Paigntonian | 13:27 Thu 21st Jan 2021 | News
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They never achieve anything except retaliation.


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You mean this I think

I won't charge this time :-)
broadly speaking, we go about our business (not for the last year of course) confident that we won't be casually murdered on the street, because most would-be killers fear detection. Not an entirely true statement of the position, but it's the sort of confidence underlying a civilised society. But knowing that a terrorist is quite prepared to die himself if he attacks you alters the equation.

I don't know what retaliation will attach to these particular jihadis (if that's what they were).
Nothing in Islam teaches that anybody can confidently expect go to their heaven except a jihadi, a matyr to Allah, who otherwise will have mercy on who he will have mercy.
So that guarantee is the prize for blowing yourself up.
Also, whilst their great unwashed are blowing themselves up and killing others, their masters live the high life and play politics, totally unaccountable to anybody.
they blow up the wrong kind of muslim oxymoron, sunni vs shia's and vice vera, been going on for centuries, more now so as they have explosives that can be hidden and a button to make them go boom.
plus if it's isis it's there way of saying were still here.
The actual bombers have already given themselves the right sentence for their crime.

The people that need to be brought to justice are the evil cowards that recruit these fools.
That's why a "civilized" society should have no gods. We have science now.
We no longer live in the Stone Age. There's no reason to kill the guys in the next cave, unless you just want their "stuff", or they look a little different.
Most of our genes come from the chimp line, not Bonobos (bunch of Hippies, eh). ^_~
Mao Zedong
Pol Pot
Ho Chi Min
Benito Mussolini
Rocket Men 1,2 and 3.
Spicerack, there all dead... but hardcore islam still exists, look at pakistans blasthemy laws let alone iran saud as examples, they perpetrate it..madrasa schools push push that faith, and so it continues, less they stop the brain washing.
no not really
there are strictures again muslim on muslim violence
kufr may well mean muslim heretic and or apostate
or not

I can see clearly that they arent meant to butcher each other
buut the message hasnt got thro

and whilst I am at it - in Manch - butcher liddle xhristian children and you go straight to Heaven .....I despair
fender62 //Spicerack, there all dead...//

Not quite. But they all are/were atheists.
I'm no fan of radical Islam but the idea that religion causes all the troubles in the world clearly ain't true.
More on topic. Lucky it didn't happen next week (which it probably will) or the US would use it as an excuse to invade Syria or, well, anyone.

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Baffled About Suicide Bombings (Middle East Today)

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