Is This The Way To Control The Virus?

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New Judge | 09:02 Wed 20th Jan 2021 | News
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In a question yesterday, it was suggested that the UK could learn lessons from three Asian countries when trying to control the virus. One of them was China. So is this the way to go? Who would like to see this put into practice:


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As I have said on many threads the problem is that we are a libertarian democracy and simply do not have open to us the necessary draconian measures that one party states like China have. The much maligned Track and Trace would work if backed up by brutal enforcement measures. At the mere mention of T&T we get bleating "I haven't got a smart phone.. etc" and no...
09:48 Wed 20th Jan 2021
Question Author
//Schools never completely closed at all during this pandemic.//

No they didn’t. They remained open (as they are now) for the children of “key” workers. You know, bus drivers, dustmen, supermarket staff, nurses, lorry drivers – the people that keep the sort of frivolous things going that keep us alive and well. Without them being able to send their children to school many of them would not be able to work. I assume, since you’ve not died, you’ve availed yourself of at least one of those services. How would you have got on if, say, the food shops and their suppliers had closed because their staff could not get to work?

//I do not like lockdown, but would prefer to block out ALL the light from my windows during this biological blitz.//

There is, of course, nothing whatsoever preventing you from doing that.
As I never suggested closing schools nor essential services I would not expect to be without food.

These quarantine camps in Vietnam you mentioned were publicly overseen, nationally administered centres, and both those entering the country and those with the virus were legally obliged to stay there.
So Vietnam, with almost 100 million people, a 1300km land border with China, a GDP per capita about one third that of Bulgaria, had 35 deaths and saw GDP grow(which only China and they achieved, of all east Asian countries) in 2020. - *early*border testing then COMPLETE border closure, Track and Trace , quarantine centres that stopped ALL family spread, obeyed government guidelines and life went on with spread STOPPED.
22 billion pounds was frittered away by Johnson's government for what rack and Trace ?
A Public Health Emergency, that I am surprised that authorities did not deem as "National Security Risk", the usual ruse.
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//As I never suggested closing schools //

Why did you mention that they were never closed, then?:

@ 18:12 "Schools never completely closed at all during this pandemic."

I accept that Track & trace was a complete waste of time and money. It was never going to work however efficient the technology and process because, quite simply, people would not comply with its requirements. Nobody is going to risk having to take two weeks off work because they brushed past somebody in a pub who tested positive.

As for the rest of the measures you mention from elsewhere - put plainly we don't do things like "quarantine camps" in the UK. There is not a hope in hell of effectively forcibly quarantining all those deemed to need it. As Tora said. the British psyche is completely different to our Asian friends and quite simply it would not work. We cannot secure compliance for even the simplest of measures and there is no method of effective enforcement.

I'm quite happy with that. I don't want this country run like China or Vietnam. The downside is we have to accept that our outcome will be totally different to theirs.
they - NZ - closed their borders entirely upon the outbreak destroying their tourist industry possibly irrevocably in the process

I disagree. First, I don't think their tourism industry will be destroyed any more than Britain's will be. Given the chance, tourists will be just as keen to visit Hobbitville as Windsor - maybe more so since Covid has been suppressed.

But more to the point: domestic tourism is still booming - along with sports, restaurants, the hospitality industry. They had to undergo a lockdown that was similar to Britain's (except for the closure of airports - which is at last being tried in Britain almost a year later) - but for a far shorter period. They took quick action and are now living a normal life. Britain reacted slowly and here we are in lockdown yet again with no end in sight.

Both countries had to choose betweenthe healtho fo the people and the health of the economy. NZ made its choice and it worked: few deaths and the economy still going. Britain dithered, so both the population and the economy have been severely damaged.
The way forward in fighting the virus:

Imagine Dominic Cummings could have been dragged through the streets of Bar-nard Chinese Castle tied to the back of his Dongfeng car off the exhaust pipe or his number-plate, the destination being 'Xi's Specsavers'
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Britain hasn't closed its airports. It is insisting on a negative Covid test being presented by arrivals. Reports on the first day of this arrangement were of people queuing for two hours in crowded arrival halls, failing to present their certificate, being issued with a £500 fixed penalty and trotting down to the Piccadilly Line after being told to isolate for ten days. Not quite the same as my friend's experience when she landed at Auckland. Of course much easier to do when you have a total population of half that of London.

The police and border control people have no powers to detain UK citizens arriving here without the correct documents, no powers to enforce their quarantine and no idea where many of them are heading off to when they leave their port of arrival. "Locking down" the UK in the same way as in NZ would have been totally impossible.

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