Are We Going To Be Guinea Pigs?

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smurfchops | 18:04 Thu 03rd Dec 2020 | News
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Why are we going to have the Covid Vaccine before any other country? Do they want to see the side effects before,they accept it ??


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Smurf that ship has sailed, there's been thousands of people who've trialed the vaccine over a few months now....with no side effects
Thousands of people have already been guinea pigs.

It seems to have escaped the attention of the British media that the UK is not actually the first country to have mass vaccinations at all (diffferent vaccine of course).
there is a side ieffect of NOT having the vaccine
and that is covid with death
but dont mind me
Wonder if TTT realises these vaccines are coming from the EUSSR , I couldn't stop laughing when I heard.
We don't know if there will be long term side effects and although it isn't the same as Thalidomide, we didn't know about that until the babies were born without limbs.
PP not everyone will die with Covid because they don't have the vaccine.
Beta testing.
"although it isn't the same as Thalidomide"

Damn right it isn't. Thalidomide was a drug.

Peter's answer is the definitive one.
We are 60 years on from the Thalidomide drug too.
I don't like the term guinea pigs as they have already been tested against the Covid vaccine.
Yes to a certain extent it is a first time trial and somebody has to be first.
You either trust the scientists or you don't and if you don't then refuse the vaccine. If you want to take you chance against getting Covid without immunity then do so. have it or you don't.
// PP not everyone will die with Covid because they don't have the vaccine.//

very well spotted and so you are uniquely now in a position to see

not everyone will have a really bad reaction with Covid vaccine and may be using it as an excuse which will really damage them.
sqad you will know this better than I , but have there ever been vaccines used after such a short trial that did turn out to have long term problems?
stop it with your anti British BS
Was that for me TTT?
I cant imagine a vaccine ever having been created and rolled out in such a short time before. Thanks to the amazing advances in science and medicine, we have this rapid solution.
Barsel I'm not an Immunologist perhaps PP might give you a better answer but in my professional life I have never known a vaccine marketed so quickly. However that was then,this is now,techniques have changed and the urgency is paramount.

As I have said, trust the scientists or don't.
I do.
no it's for the OP and anyone the cap fits
Sqad’s right.
It’s a matter of trust.
I’d look at the figures for deaths or serious or even just unpleasant “side effects” from the virus and the figures for deaths or serious side effects from any of the three western vaccines and that would be good enough for me.
Others may be different.
I’d take some persuading to take the Russian vaccine on the other hand, for the reason of trust alone.
Barsel your question has no logic....yes there have been vaccines with shorter testing times (thinking vaccinating people against smallpox with cowpox) but length of time has limited relevance. Think of painting a house. If one person does it and works 8 hour days lets say it takes 8 days....put two people on the job and it takes 4 days...same job....have 4 people and it takes 2 days...same job. So if you put the vaccine production people on 24/7 working and buy in extra equipment, a job that might take years can be reduced to months. we also know much more about what to look out for in the early stages of testing and as someone, sorry can't remember who, said on TV last night, there has been quite a lot of "background" research going on for many years about delaying with similar organisms.
The work on finding a vaccine for Corona viruses was already well under way when this pandemic began, therefore the scientists did have a head start.

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Are We Going To Be Guinea Pigs?

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