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// I just have [stopped donating to Africa ] //

Saves the dosh for more cheap poo from Spoons to celebrate when our PM doesn’t [email protected] up again.
// Chief Mumbo Jumbo //

Dog whistle alert.
head in the sand alert, sunk, most of the CR dosh goes no where near the starving wretches we are supposed to think it's for anyway.
// most of the Comic Relief dosh goes no where near the starving wretches //

Who gets it ?
come on, you cannot be that naive! Every "middle man" from here to Timbuctoo for a start, I'd be surprised if 1p in the £1 gets anywhere near the African villages we often see on TV during CR.
Yawn TTT,

Good night.
I suppose the penny dropping can be traumatic for the believers.
I’d sooner watch a dismal Man Utd performance in the Champions League, than be distracted by AB ball lux.
...and yet you have been!
I’m a multi-tasker!

The first half was not very watchable - unfortunately. But currently 1-0.
Less money for less Stacy Dooley, seems like a fair trade off.
I haven't donated or watched since the first Comic Relief. It's a good excuse to curl up and listen to music or watch a favourite C.D..

Very seriously, this decision is racist isn't it? I'm surprised at Lenny Henry.

If we think this is bad, wait until BLM gets more power.
//I'm surprised at Lenny Henry. //

I'm not. He is racist and always has been. A man with a huge chip on his shoulder.
Jeez, you’re on one tonight, N. True colours shining thru and no mistake!
i agree Naomi, i have always wondered why people find him funny. i do not
//I'm not. He is racist and always has been. A man with a huge chip on his shoulder.//

A man who was married to a white woman for 25 years is racist. Yeah, right.
perhaps it;s latent.
I've never donated as a believer of Charity beginning at home, past scenes of people like Mugabe and his opulent lifestyle tells me I'm right not to
Is Lenny Henry black? I would never have known; I mean it's not as if he tells us he's black at every opportunity!

I actually think this is a pretty good idea though, but probably from a different perspective; on the rare occasions I happen to have caught a bit of Comic Relief, I did find it faintly vomit-inducing that the likes of the hundred-millionaire, Ed Sheeran, is sent to some toilet in Africa to pose with underfed kids.

Personally I can't stand CR, not for the charity money collected or how it is spent, that wouldn't bother me because I don't give to any charities, the reason I can't stand CR relief is because on the rare occasions I've caught a bit of it, the 'funny' bits are so painfully unfunny that I feel embarrassed for them, and because of the stupid and wholly unnecessary hysteria and whooping from the audience.

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