Grenfell: Institutional Racism A Factor In The Fire

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EdmundD | 14:38 Tue 07th Jul 2020 | News
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I thought it was the cladding......


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I have never read a bigger load of rubbish in my life!
In any major tragedy there are a number of strands that lead up to the end result, I unlike some of you haven't read the many thousands of pages of the reports and evidence.
well its from the bbc !
The statement is from Leslie Thomas QC,regardless of where it is published.
what a load of bovine excrement, how can a fire be race related? what fire is racist now? Perlease!
I imagine it is outlined in some detail in the reports.
Mamya, it doesn't matter how many times you say it, there cannot be any link to racism and that fire.
I suppose housing folk who arrive unannounced with nothing but the clothes they stand up in is the ultimate act of racism.

Of course I haven't read the report.
"In its first phase, the inquiry concluded that cladding fuelled the fire in June 2017. The second phase is examining how it could have happened in the first place." Since this is the beginning of the second phase of the inquiry, there are no "many thousands of pages of the reports and evidence" to which ML refers.
I shall wait until I have read the findings, whether they be a paragraph or a tome.
Yes I'd like an enquiry into the institutional racism that is alleged to be present in whichever organisation is responsible for Grenfell Tower.

In particular I'd like them to find out and tell me how it is that in one of the relatively few buildings which provides "affordable" housing in one of the most expensive areas of the UK's most expensive city, 57 of the 67 residents (85%) who died in the fire were people "of colour" (the phrase used by Leslie Thomas, QC). That's almost inversely proportional to the percentage of the population that are people "of colour".

So how is it that people of colour manage to secure a disproportionately high number of relatively cheap tenancies in what is an otherwise very expensive area?
// what fire is racist now? Perlease!//

....and water. It drowns people who are forced to cram into unsuitable craft to go to places that they are not supposed to be and it is always the bame ones. We need an enquiry to make it offish shall so that proppa compensayshun can be claimed.
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//…a lawyer representing survivors has said.//

Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he. That //"A majority of the Grenfell residents who died were people of colour.// was because most of the flats were occupied by ‘people of colour’. The fire had no bearing on the colour of the occupants. Load of rubbish.
Could it be coincidental that Leslie Thomas QC is coloured?
The Grenfell Next of Kin Group did made a good job of shopping for a lawyer, which, of course, in only natural:
would they have said this had it been full of white folks, i really don't see how this could come down to race.
poverty affects people right across the board, and the fire wouldn't have discriminated surely. Its a load of tosh, or worse patently untrue.
"...It's a load of tosh, or worse patently untrue." That might be so, emmie; however, when there is money involved it's completely irrelevant and immaterial. I'm assuming, of course, that there is some form of class-action law suit lurking around in the background.
they also forgot to mention that most of the flats were illegally sub let, which made it very difficult to work out who the victims actually were. Then there is the countless fraudulent claims by people who didn't even live there, several now in jail I believe.
of course had to want a BAME and not the best.

\\He said it was a "shame" that a female or an ethnic minority judge had not been selected to lead the inquiry.//

And the fire brigade were at fault says one resident.

Speaking to BBC News, Nabil Choucair, who lost six relatives in the fire, said he believed "lots of families could have been rescued, without a doubt".

"It's very hard to go on," he added. "I personally believe they were inadequate in dealing with the fire."

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Grenfell: Institutional Racism A Factor In The Fire

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