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Not necessary outside - only in confined spaces like transport....
Not me!
though unless they change the rules will be wearing one when i go to the hospital next week...
I wear one on public transport although not everyone does,
i can't breathe with one on,
I think if you’re asthmatic or have breathing problems such as COPD, you’re exempt from wearing them on public transport
If you plan on travelling you are required to wear a mask when shopping, on public transport, taxis and on entering restaurants etc. Hefty fine if you dont
Not round here. Some people wear them, but not many.
plenty of people wear them in the capital.
i will take one with me in case the hairdressers want me to wear one
It’s very ‘pinkish’ here calmck, they bring out these mandatory measures but then fail to act on them if they aren’t adhered to
I think we should. There are spikes occurring all over down here. I don’t wear one because I’d feel a bit claustrophobic and a bit silly. Sad but true.

I think this will be one of the rules the UK brings in way too late, like the other ones so far.
When will it be realised that we're just going to have to take the bull by the horns and stop all this tinkering at the edges.

We have to get on with life and suffer the consequences, whatever they may be.
Just been on radio that particles of Covid19 can be suspended in the air.
Many, many things suspended in the air, all gonna get us in the end and a piece of blue gauze and a frightened look are no protection.

It must be becoming clear to folk that for all the measures, everything that anyone can imagine that might just help, we have to live our lives.
Anyone entering my hospital must wear one.
I don mine upon entering any building, but given my job and the way most of the public are acting whilst in supermarkets I’m more than glad that I do.
i will when i go to the hospital..

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